What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?

What is in the bag? is a recurring feature that opens up your bag and mind and asks people to tell you more about your daily gadget. This week, British singer and songwriter Jess Glynne appears.

Jess Glynne takes a cool step. The chart topping artist is accompanied by a deep athlete and has a casual impression with no shape . It appears in The Verge but lewk . A bright green gucci cross bouncing against her signature orange curl, sporty head with a pastel workout with toes with a body bag, she can not notice Glynn as she enters the room. I know she is an artist. There is an intangible brilliance from her.

You are already familiar with Glynn's soul-filled songs and strong, rough voice. She won first place on the UK album charts in Clean Bandit's "Rather Be" and her debut studio album I Cry When I Laugh . This year she became the first British female solo artist to win the seventh single on the UK single chart. As if that were not enough, her most recent album Always In Between delivered enough first week units to become her second UK best album.

Glynne, however, despite the title, she feels it is just the beginning. Glynne says to The Verge while unpacking her bag . "I am still feeling much better than I would like to do." I feel I am working early. "Learn more about Glynne through her work, including the vocal procedure in 2015, I your bag . I thought it would be in the video, but it was not actually in the video, so I sat in this box for about 8 months I had only a few of them.My stylist thought, "Let's just live." Then I forgot.We tried to put it in a specific thing, and it was not right until that point.I do not know Sometimes it's a little bit of branding, and then it's just my bag.

There should be a new single called "My Be Be There," but the video was supernatural and just unnecessary, but we just liked the bag.

whats in your bag jess glynne

Okay, what's in it?

This is basically every day, except my passport – I do not carry it every day, but I am playing there because I am traveling on that moment

We all like passport photos.I look like a criminal.All two years ago, we all rehearsed in the production warehouse of this huge building.All of us went crazy.My travel manager approached us and said, Comes here, just takes a quick picture. It is for passport. " [Imitates a camera click] And we all got these pictures again and it really looks like a criminal … [laughs] Everything is messed up.

This is the wallet my administration gave me … my birthday I think.A good little leather thing.And money, it's important, is not it? I need money to prepare for when I need a drink, and a pen, because you always have something to take notes when your phone is dead. When I was in Miami, Damien Hirst went to a famous hotel outside the property, which was taken from the pen anyway

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So first of all, perfume comes out, it's Comme Des Garçons When you do a lot of promotions that always smell nice, I feel it's very important.

Okay, the next thing in my bag is this – [holds up lip balm] I'm caught in the fact that I have no dry lips It's called Papaw. When I was there I got it in Australia and it nearly died.I bought it when I was there.This is the third

What else did we put in here … my tube.This is actually a kind of important So this tube is pretty much on my side because I use it when I warm up and when I sing it so I will put my work in the water and I will practice blowing through it. I heard, but when I heard the voice, I learned about the straw and the tube.

How often do you do this?

Even though you are talking quite often, I've talked a lot about it today. I have to keep my voice constantly. Because it's still the same amount of tension. You know what I mean? It is very common to use your voice excessively. Yes, I carry it with me no matter what I do (eg promotions or songs). The first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night are the most important times. You have to stretch after marathon. So if you use a voice, you just have to stretch it. Heh!

So here we have a hand sanitizer. It is one of the most important things to carry around. I am a little OCD. I like clean things. My dad has it everywhere he goes. I have to wash my hands. So we go to the restaurant. The first thing he does is … go to the bathroom and wash his hands. And I think he delivered it to me. So I have to wash my hands everywhere. But if you can not, you can kill with an antibacterial spray. It smells really good. It is very powerful, but it makes you feel good when you do good things.

I have really read that you spend a week in the country and make it. It was a very rich period.

Yes! Rich, it's … It's a good word. So I went to LA for two months early last year. I wrote a lot. Probably it will be close to 100 songs. But I do not know where to do everything. I lost a bit of talk and sound, and I felt I needed to step back. So when I took my time last year, I stepped back. I was alive, cool, and did my job. Then, through the end of the summer, emotionally, through relationships, through life, and through many terms, I have undergone change.

I was in the space I just wanted. When I wrote, I knew I had a lot to give. I called him on my label. And I said. "Can we do this last?" I wanted to go nowhere with everyone who wrote the first record. I will not make you feel uncomfortable as I am in love with people, with people I connect, with non-studio spaces, with unpressurized spaces, with nothing or with no other space.

"Yes, we have this house. In the middle of Sussex, there was nowhere." They suggested entirely new people. Then, there was a chef who prepared a living space. There was a movie theater downstairs, there was a bedroom, all the other random rooms. Just a little preparation we could do the jam.

I gathered a small schedule of 2-3 people a day in one room. It was the most organic process.

What brought you here?

I took really comfortable clothes. I did not have to impress anyone. I did not go anywhere. It just looks like a "similar bag". know? It is very good not to feel like you can get up in the morning, wear sportswear, be fresh, cold, and be with yourself, someone else, or someone else.

What else is in this bag?

Hairbands. This is probably one of the most important things because I have lots of my head … always lost. I am so sexy and I do not want to write my hair, so always bring me lots of hair bands. Other things … I have sunglasses because of their really sensitive eyes. The blue eyes are really sensitive in case you do not know. Besides, I feel like they add to the look, you know? Obviously sunglasses are a problem because it can be a problem. I do not need them, and I am wonderful … [laughs].

I have this hand cream. I was so violent. There was clearly a lot around this. I am really helpful in keeping the skin moisturized. I hate dry skin.

What kind?

It is Aesop! It is like removing dead skin. surprising. I always use coconut oil in my skin, but I can not get it because the leak continues every time. So I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought this cream on my skin.

So these lips … I am in nude lips. I do not really like that much make-up, but if you do not make up, it's always a good feeling, just tapping your lips is enough. Oh, more lips! I actually have a lot of lips. I like the option. This is really matte and on top. It is a kind of twinkling when I try to do a little more. And I have a concealer, and I want to be able to see it when I get a seat there. As a girl, you are a little embarrassed at your place. Because we all have, really, we should not.

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Headphones. The adapter is working because the new iPhone is so annoying. Do not lose it if you keep it here. These are really cheap [headphones]. They are not excited. I find it hard to find with headphones. I really do not like big things. Because they are too heavy, they are disturbing, and the expensive stuff does not really work in my ears. I think I have a strange hallucination. laughter] .

And most people feel like listening to ordinary headphones. I've recently finished my album, and it's a good idea to listen to it through here. Because they provide ideas for what people want to hear, you can judge what you need more. I listen to music through my headphones and listen to the speakers at home and will always listen in my car. They are three of the most important.

Which iPhone do you have?

X The guy is with me everywhere. I really like the fact that I do not have a button. At first I was angry because I was too young to get accustomed to it, but I really like the cleanliness. I really like it "Oh, I like the phone," I have to do it. I am not a technical monster. I am not very good at technology laughing . It is not mine.

Do you use your phone to write songs?

Yes. I use voice memo. How many voice notes are there? Probably hundreds. If I go out and get an idea, or if I am with someone and not in the space we are making, I will just sing and I will call it lyrical. Or something of that moment. And if I'm in the studio, I'll be back. It really helps. And notes. I always write my quotes or lyrics.

Do you have a notebook?

There is no notebook. I have to have a small one. Then it would be more reasonable to buy a pen.

These are tablets I eat, but I do not often take them. My heart is irregular and sometimes I lose my beat. And if I lose the beat of it, I take one of these. I suffer from anxiety, and when the situation is very stressful, my heart goes a little crazy. I am helpful because I carry them around.

I have my hotel key. I am staying in a hotel called Refinery Hotel in New York, which is actually quite good. I have never stayed there before. You can easily go anywhere. I feel like giving advice to everyone [laughs]. It is a wonderful place.

I will not lie. The contents of my bag are wonderful. You look pretty good, do not you? I did not plan it, I promise.

Actually it does. It really looks good. Congratulations on becoming a UK female solo artist who has finished seventh in the UK single chart.

Thank you very much! I was at home and everyone thought, "Jess, you'll be number one." I thought, "I became my second year old," and I was happy. Then I arrived on Friday and the publisher received the message "You did it!" I heard a crying sound like . I just started crying.

What is your big goal right now?

There is a lot of attention now [to the US] and many opinions are left. It can also be as successful as an album can be successful. Although I have accomplished a lot, I still think there is much more I want to do. I feel so early in my career. It is very cool.

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