What’s in your bag, 3lau?

What's in your bag? is a recurring feature in which we ask people to tell us a little more about their everyday devices by opening their bags and hearts. This week, we presented music producer and owner of the record label 3lau .

Justin Blau, also known as 3lau, is sitting with The Verge on the floor of A Green Room trailer at a festival. We are directly behind the main stage, and the wooden panel walls of the trailer vibrate with the act being played. Blau himself is about to take the stage, but he is allowing us to look in his briefcase beforehand, which contains all the things he needs to play live.

Known for his dance songs of melodic inclination, along with other efforts, such as blockchain. The festival promoted by OMF and the non-profit Blume record label – Blau's reach extends far beyond the music itself. And he is always progressive. In the last year, he collaborated with people like Girls Generation's HYO, worked on a track with Ninja for the game of players NINJAWERKS Vol. 1 compilation, and pulled several lush singles and pop forward on his own impression, such as "Touch" and "Would you Understand". He has two albums planned for the beginning of 2020. Besides that, as shown by where we are talking to Blau, he keeps a constant schedule of tours.

It's a lot for a person to juggle, but as we see in his purse, Blau can do everything through being a very meticulous person. "Wow," he says with admiration after The Verge has placed his cable set on the trailer's carpet. "It looks very nice, they did a great job and I'm very detail oriented."

whats in your bag 3lau

Do you have a briefcase?

There are many interesting things here! You are skeptical!

No! It is simply unexpected.

I just attended the show in this way. Deal. It is a Tumi. I love Tumi. My luggage is also Tumi. I use this because I already have a backpack. If you see the complete configuration of my luggage, the briefcase makes more sense. It fits perfectly on one side of my luggage. I'm super efficient in how I pack.

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And here I have my DJ controller.

Whoa! It's the perfect size for your bag, and I love the color.

Thanks. It is the personalized iridescent red.

Does it shine under the black light?

He does it. Part of the idea Ultraviolet . It is made by a company called Livid. In fact, they've discontinued it, which is a nightmare for me because I only have two. If they break I'm literally fucked up. I'll have to reprogram one or, ideally, someone else to design it. It's basically a MIDI controller for Ableton. I've always played with Ableton. Everyone is like, well, why do not you DJ with CDJs? And the reason why is because when I was in college I could not pay for the CDJ. I learned it in Ableton. A configuration of CDJ is like, four big ones, and there were no clubs for me to go see it. And this little thing is $ 500.

It was a much more affordable alternative. I stole Ableton at that time, I totally did not buy it. But now I own Ableton and I am a true licensor.

He had the APC 40 in his day and this [Livid controller] was the replacement. It is more customizable. There's a lot more I can do with that. I can create my own custom MIDI scripts. It's really great.

Livid knew that he was using it in the photos and they approached me and told me they wanted to make me a personalized one. My first one was black and they painted it red. He is one of the types. And it has been suspended. So this is my pride.

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Let's see what else you have here.

My backpack has my production laptop, adapters, my headphones, all that. This bag has what I need to live.

This is a good one. An additional battery.

Does that also load your laptop?

Yes. It's a new Mophie. I love them. This battery can charge the laptop and the phone. I usually travel with three of them because on an international flight, if there is no way out when my laptop dies, I know I have batteries that I can use. Ideally that will eventually change. But international flights do not always have adapters, and that's why I travel with three.

Dongles. More dongles And more cables. I keep extras because it's very easy to lose them.

And then the old and reliable earplugs. And a divider. A divider is especially good at festivals if I'm dating another artist and we're showing new music. It can be noisy and there can be many people in the green room.

What do you use this laptop for?

So this is just the DJ laptop. A lot less ports, so I have those extra dongles. Disaster. This is the 13-inch one, and then I have a 15-inch one too.

What phone is this?

The iPhone X. The worst phone of all.


Well, actually the software update is solved many problems. Wi-Fi used to close for no reason.

Is there a particular reason why you have an iPhone?

The ease of connection of everything. Because I'm all Mac, it makes life easier. I communicate with everyone in iMessage.

And these ear plugs and headphones?

I have Westone's custom ear plugs because this is the first company someone talked to me about. At the time I ordered, it was like $ 50 per extra mold. I have three molds and I have only lost one in the last eight years. I'm proud of that. I lost one of the db filters, but you can order them from Amazon.

If you're at festivals long enough, it's something you should keep in mind. Honestly, sometimes I also use dead plugs in airplanes, and just cut everything, even the cries of babies. It is the best type of earplug.

And then I have small portable Beats. I do not particularly love them, but they're great for when I'm in the green room and on the laptop. It is good to bring this little bag instead of the big headphones. I usually have the Bose Qose when I'm on airplanes.

What's up with these USB?

These are fan songs that I probably have not heard yet.

Did the people give you those?

Correct. Many fans give them to me and I tell them, listen, here is my personal email, I promise I'll check it but I'm sure I'll lose the USB. Those are two of the maybe 50 that I've maintained. I have no idea what is in them. Once a month I try to check my demo folder and listen to everything I can. And in some cases, I end up working with some of these artists.

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Where did you get your wallet?

It's my Margiela wallet. I ordered it online on a website called SSense, where I request a large part of my clothes.

Matt Reeves: It's sales season!

You know! I see the Y3 shoes there. I see.

Dani Deahl: Matt is one of the main photographers of Rick Owens.

Wait, what? To hold. No way! Oh my God. I usually have a Rick sweatshirt vest with a zipper. But it's very hot, so I do not use it now. I got it when I was at the Rick Owens store in Tokyo. He has a sculpture of himself there that is crazy.

Why do you have a Sharpie?

There is always a fanatic who wants you to sign something. Signing someone's phone is the most common request, believe it or not. They want you to sign your phone boxes. Some people let me sign directly on their phone. Hats are the second most common.

I think I know where the $ 2 bills come from.

They're Steve's … Two Dollar Hollar. Steve Reisman is a very successful entertainment lawyer. He gives all his favorite artists $ 2 bills every time he sees them. He is loaded with them all the time. He is really close to Drake and many great artists, and I am honored to be a friend of his. I use the $ 2 bills for the valet tips. I keep every $ 2 bill that I received from him in my car.

[Places card down] We'll put it there just for fun.

What is it?

It's for a festival driven by blockchain that I launched last year called OMF.

And finally, the Listerine strips.

The Listerine strips are always in my rider. It is more efficient than chewing gum. I do not want to carry a pack of chewing gum in my pocket, but I want that because it's small. I use tight jeans. It's as simple as that. And if I forget and wash, it simply dissolves and smells very good. That happens all the time.

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