What we still don’t know about the Facebook breach

Three days have passed since Facebook reported that hackers have gained access tokens for 50 million user accounts that are considered to be the largest data breaches in history. What we have learned since then and what not

One violation may have affected other third party services using the Facebook Connect identity platform. Some large Internet services rely heavily on Facebook login, including Spotify, Airbnb, and Tinder. Anyone with full access to your account would have been able to log in to that service as well. In particular, none of our Facebook Connect customers are still investigating, so we have not commented on the impact of the violation on our own services. Tinder was the exception, saying that Facebook was calling to share limited information and share more.

The third party developer situation has begun a second debate on the wisdom of using Facebook login. In pro side Facebook login provides enhanced security measures such as "risk-based login", which allows the user to provide additional information if they suspect the password was stolen. On the contrary Facebook's predecessor created something similar to a single point of failure for online security.

Second, the legal consequences of the violation are becoming apparent. A class action lawsuit was filed at an alarming rate. While Facebook appears to have disclosed the violation within 72 hours required by the General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union's Privacy Watchdog (Facebook) can still penalize Facebook up to $ 1.63 billion Schechner reported in the Wall Street Journal . Separately, the Irish Data Protection Commission said 10 percent (19,459,007) of the victims of the European Union were living. Le Monde says less than 5 million.)

This type of violation is precisely designed to protect the GDPR. Russell Brandom reports:

No one has indicted Facebook for error, but the basic facts of this case have yet to be revealed. Already on Facebook with hostile lawmakers, many personal supervisors will want to test their luck. Because the law is so fresh, nobody knows how such an event will develop. But Facebook is already preparing to be a struggle for their lives.

New violations are related to previous GDPR struggles, generally policy decisions and service conditions. Although the lawsuit was filed by a third party, but not much progress has been made, Facebook and Google have already experienced a fire that has a Terms of Service that violates the Code. Scandals, such as Cambridge Analytica, present another challenge to avoid the most legal definition of violation, with obvious violations of user privacy being at the discretion of the user. However, this recent violation is much simpler. Facebook should not give these hackers access to your account. It's hard to read fallout to anything other than the collapse of Facebook security, because data sharing projects or APIs should not go wrong. The problem is how long will Facebook be punished.

On the third, a Facebook executive repeated that "this attack was the result of a sophisticated attack". Advertising Week Carolyn Everson, a world-renowned marketing executive, called an unknown attacker an "odorless and gravity-intruder" and Facebook was able to detect "only once after taking certain actions." (Everson also sent me one of those days.) Early this year I asked about the poignant departure of the founders of WhatsApp, and she said, "I want to hear more about their charitable activities."

Finally, due to this violation, Facebook has gained a new opportunity to evaluate its trust in Facebook. At a press conference Friday, two reporters asked Mark Zuckerberg why people should continue to trust the platform with his data. He distorted the question, as Will Oremus said:

"This is a serious problem, and we focus on why we have applied the patch to the vulnerability and additional security measures for it." Perceived not enough, he hesitates and says, "Security is an arms race, and we are improving our defense." Facebook says, "There are a lot of talented people working in this area. "He added. "This will be a continued effort and we will have to keep focusing on it over time."

On Monday we waited until the shoe was no longer damaged. But the truth is that we did not learn much on the weekend. The best explanation for this is that the GDPR should disclose the violation to Facebook as the investigation proceeds.


Google CEO visits White House and Parliament to fight suspicion of anti-conservative bias before major hearing

Sundar Pichai's visit to Washington looks like this: Tony Romm reports. But he agreed to testify at the House on "prejudices" about the Conservative Party.

A couple of weeks after Chief Justice Trump blamed Google for having "falsified" search results, the company's leader told the White House on Friday that Larry Kudlow, a White House spokesman, one of President Bush's top economic advisors, I confirmed this. In a personal session focused on issues affecting the Internet platform and the economy as a whole, the White House said in a statement, Pikanga agreed to attend an upcoming roundtable discussion with the president and other Internet stakeholders. Other technologies invited to the meeting will come forward, including large companies. Previously, Kudlow said the Trump administration was open to regulating search results, but the president later seemed to distance himself from the idea.

False claims about Kavanaugh's testimony showed viralism on Twitter.

Next is the Wall Street Journal Report that does not exist. Jane Lytvynenko:

Tweed says that Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, one of the women blaming Kavanaugh for sexually abusing, have no evidence that the Republican senator has stopped asking Kavanaugh's question to ask Cavanaugh, a Supreme Court candidate, I hinted without. He lied. This information was mistakenly supplied to the Wall Street Journal and quickly amplified by journalists and commentators on Twitter, creating thousands of retweets and favorites.

Two women in Nebraska in Trinidad and Tobago

Greg Jaffe wrote about two women struggling to make friends in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh and the Trump presidency. It is amazing that Facebook has made so many discussions. It is not always good.

When I left for the evening, my testimony was over. So, she overturned Fox News and checked Facebook feeds. One of her friends posted an online video of an African American woman delivering the envelope to one of Ford's attorneys. This post suggested that it could be some kind of secret payment. Lannet was not sure what to believe, but it seemed possible from what he knew about Washington.

"We would have known much more than the rest," he said, thinking of the hearing room. "To be honest, we do not trust that the press will no longer tell the truth."

India wants WhatsApp to break encryption and track inflammatory messages. Should we?

There have been many good discussions recently about what violence from WhatsApp is a technical or social issue. Rohan Venkataramakrishnan has a wonderful vision of attempting to fetch fake news through metadata analysis of a suggestion from a WeChat employee that brings back memories of a spokesman, WhatsApp, who has not spoken.

"Not surprisingly, former WeChat employees will support monitoring of their personal messaging applications," the spokesman said. "We do not strongly agree with their approach as seriously weakening people's privacy," he said. The spokesperson said that it was wrong to send a message that "there are some inaccuracies, most striking is that we do not keep all records" and that WhatsApp reads and saves the metadata part of every message sent from the platform. is. "

Gupta does not want to violate encryption, and he was a supporter of Apple when he refused to give up data on the iPhone locked by a US investigator in 2016, But as people dying, companies like WhatsApp found that there was a risk that they would not take any action because they were excuses to break into the government.



After a week of interglnum, Instam Mosseri was appointed as Instagram's representative (this is his title). Mosseri is smart and well-liked, but his job Is to be a good soldier, not an adviser. The most notable in this blog post It's Mosseri's look-we-re-all-friends picture sitting between Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. The second highlight is the fate of the founder in a new farewell blog post: "The most important thing for us Instagram Below is to keep the future and center of both you and you in every way. " It is not the most important thing on Facebook, and they know it (so they wrote it.)

Semi-relatedly, The very talented Sarah Frier announced today that she is writing a book on the history of Instagram, Frier is one of the best reporters on Facebook and she should read it, especially if Systrom and Krieger work together.

A confession about a fake news writer

Winston Wordsworth's Weasley and Cardinal Semma, The curse was a lie. name.

Twitter feminist stopped me on Twitter for academic research.

Tweeting me on twitter feminism scholarly research. That's why.

Chris Peterson, who teaches MIT's comparative media research, has twittered about some feminist scholarly work and ended up on Twitter as a result. He speculates that Twitter is misrepresenting that Twitter includes "inhuman" speech in his tweets because he mentions people by his gender. Twitter did not say anything, but BoingBoing overtook the course after writing about it.

YouTube Sensation Super Mario Logan is approaching children.

JK Trotter sneaked into the story of YouTuber with 9 million subscribers. Even in "Restricted Mode", throw the video to the trash can for children.

But when Cook looked around to see SML, he smuggled into racist stereotypes, depressive humor, homosexual jokes, and, worse, videos aimed at children. For example, a person named Jackie Chu is depicted by a puppet doll. As Fandom explains, "Cacurus, Rawn, Crass"

Reduced Indian retailers by 71% due to WhatsApp messages.

Infibeam Avenues Ltd. in India lost 71% of the market.

Google offers advertisers more ways to target YouTube users

Google offers advertisers more ways to target YouTube users

] Using YouTube and more advertisers Do you want to target? Congratulations because you are now!

We use a profitable search-based advertising tool on YouTube to help advertisers target audiences when they're searching for everything from a video site's product to a movie trailer. News released this week during the week and reported by CNBC has changed how Google handles YouTube. More and more, the company relies on YouTube as an extension of its core search engine, not as a separate entity. The Google representative said during the week that YouTube is the second most popular search engine following Google's search.


Alex Stamos, the latest retirement security officer on Facebook, said that Facebook had a clue as to whether the requirement to disclose the violation within 72 hours prevented it from catching a malicious person .

And finally …

Penthouse for Instagram

Marketing agency Rented Provided apartments designed with the ultimate Instagram backdrop, now lending it to influential people. Sapna Maheshwari has a totally artificial space and an unforgettable story about people who need it.

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