What to do when your iOS backup is newer than your OS

Everyone in the Apple beta program is running a preliminary version of the next version of iOS. Which is great, until you get a new iPhone or iPad. Then you cannot restore the new device from the backup made on the previous one because the old device is running a newer operating system.

If you are in this situation, do not panic: there are a couple of possible solutions. We will guide you through both.

If you are confused about what we are talking about, consider the newly launched iPhone 11. It comes with iOS 13, but anyone whose previous iPhone was in the Apple Beta Software Program is already in a beta version of iOS 13.1. The easiest way to configure the new iPhone would be to install a backup from your old phone, but you cannot do so if that backup was made with iOS 13.1. It is newer than the operating system that is running the phone, so the device will not install it.

One option is closed for you. It is not possible to remove the beta version of iOS from the previous device, make a new backup and install it on the iPhone 11.

Set it up as a new iPhone

One option is to set up the new phone as a new device, and not Install from a backup. This is a bit of work, but Apple makes it as easy as possible.

Give the iPhone 11 the same Apple ID, and iCloud will offer access to Keychain with all your passwords already stored. iCloud can also automatically incorporate photos, Safari bookmarks, texts, notes and podcast subscriptions.

It will be necessary to manually re-enter the details of the non-Apple email account. In the case of Google accounts, Keychain must have usernames and passwords stored, which facilitates configuration. (If you've forgotten how to add accounts, it's simple. Simply go to Settings> Passwords and accounts> Add account .)

The most important job for many people will be to ask the App Store to install software from third parties. However, this is still quite easy. On iOS 13, go to App Store then tap the Apple ID icon in the upper right corner to open a pop-up window. Then touch Purchased to see a list of third-party software that you have purchased or just installed in the past. Tap the arrow of the cloud next to any application and it will be downloaded on your new and bright iPhone 11.

Take this opportunity to consider what you need on your iPhone. Maybe there are applications that you have been loading but never use. Alternatively, you can find a game you forgot: install it now and have fun again.

Place the beta version of iOS on the new device to install the backup

Alternatively, you can place the latest beta version on the new device. Then, both phones or tablets will be in the same version of iOS and you can install the backup.

The first thing to do is configure the new iPhone / iPad as a new device. Give your Apple ID, but do not restore from any previous backup you may have in iCloud.

Once this is done, go immediately to the website of the Apple Beta Software Program. Let's say you want Register then log in with your Apple ID. On the resulting page, click on " register your iOS device ". Install the profile, then restart your iDevice.

Once the phone / tablet has restarted, go to Settings> General> Software update and the latest beta should appear in the list. Install it

Once you have your computer running the latest beta version of iOS, you must restart it once more to prepare it to install the backup you made with your previous device Go to Settings> General> Reset and choose " Clear all content and settings ". Skip the hoops needed to convince the device that you really want to do that.

When the iPhone or iPad has finished deleting all the previous data and restarted, you must configure the computer again from the beginning. Tip: This is much easier if you place your old tablet or iPhone near the new one with Bluetooth enabled. The device you are configuring may take some settings from the previous one.

This time, as you proceed through the configuration process, the most recent backup made on your previous computer will be available to install. Do it.

Finally, if all this update experience tormented you in the Apple Beta Software Program, we have instructions on how to quit.

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