What Tesla’s union-busting trial means for the rest of Silicon Valley

In a sense, Tesla's union question is an existential question: Is Tesla a technology company? Or are you a car company? Unlike a technology company, a car company tends to have a strong combination.

Muscle operates Tesla like a technology company. Tesla has completed a full redesign of its automotive and factory workflows. Despite the lack of profits, there are sudden moderate and large investments – so far technology. The battery itself needs to be charged, and the company can apply the wireless software update to the car and completely change the way it works. They can hack. But they are still cars. : Driving on the road, driving, and being forced to buy car insurance legally in most states.

Trade unions are primarily contractual but exist in technology. Employee – Technology Employee The operator of the shuttle has, for example, one. But according to Alex Press, Silicon Valley, the technological epicenter, is partly due to opposing unions. This is how California defeated Boston in the boom after World War II.

Intel co-founder Robert Noyce said: "The rest of the union is essential to survival in most companies." Therefore, technology companies offer employees benefits, stock options and benefits packages. The company's ping pong table and free beer are meant to prevent unions.

The difference between an entrepreneur in the Noyce era and an entrepreneur we now have is Kevin Roose in 2013. :

Steve Jobs once called the teacher's union the "problem" of modern school. Marc Andreessen, ubiquitous venture capitalist, said at the 19459042 meeting, "I had time and place for the union but I do not know if I can see it anymore." George Packer New Yorker Story Silicon Valley and PayPal The profile of billionaire Peter Thiel is based on the paternalistic futurism of the technological world and the liberal, anti-regulatory sympathies of some prominent technology leaders Of the merger.

On Wednesday, Gizmodo excerpted from Amazon 's anti – trade union education video run by Jeff Bezos, a space billionaire in the tech industry. Bezos and Musk have another commonality. They operate two technology companies with large unskilled labor in the United States.

Automobile companies have been doing trade union work since computers were still women. The UAW formed in 1935 is older than Silicon Valley. GM has been operating union stores since 1937. Ford, since 1941. UAW wins: first paid vacation to autoworkers, increased cost of living payments, and medical coverage for employees and retirees. But since 1979, the number of union members has decreased and UAW's power has grown. Auto worker unions have been trying to organize in Tesla for many years. Tesla replied that way. Tesla is a car company.

Perhaps Elon Musk would not have participated in it.

Factory worker Jose Moran wrote about Medium in 2017, saying that a long time emphasized people's bodies. And Tesla pay is lower than other car companies. For this reason he urged workers to organize unions, but Tesla's confidentiality policy required signing of union activities signed with fearful people. Musk replied through the email that the UAW "does not share our mission". "The true faithfulness of the union depends on the big automobile companies. Tons car companies have much more money than employees on Tesla." [19659012InshortTeslaviolatesfederallawsrestrictingorganizationaswellasretaliationagainstunionworkers(MarkRossalawyerfromTeslarejectedtheprocedurewiththeUAW'sscratchingcampaign)

Some of the evidence for Tesla is … Musk It is a tweet of. "Why pay membership fees and not give up stock options?" He opened his Twitter account in May. UAW complained to the NLRB the following day. According to the National Labor Relations Board, tweets violate labor laws. Tesla keeps the tweet out of context. Pop star Grimes, Musk (ex?) I took my girlfriend with Twitter and then deleted it. "UAD tried to encourage union voting, but [sic] UAW could not get enough signatures abandoned at the fremont factory, the last clash."

The trial began in June and was interrupted for several days. Tesla's unlawful bankruptcy of trade unions stemmed from the August 2017 complaint by the NLRB. In June, NLRB lawyers reported that one worker was fired and the other was warned because the union intervened.

Josh Eidelson of Bloomberg this week sat on the Tesla NLRB trial in Auckland. On Monday, Moran, who pushed up the union, testified that Maesk would tell him and his colleagues that a representative from a United Auto Worker would say, "You really do not make a voice." Musk said, "The UAW is the only voice and not the worker," Moran told the judge.

On Tuesday, Eidelson said that Tesla's Human Resources Director, Gaby Toledano, received an e-mail notifying her of the unionization of Moran and her second union sponsor. "I was positively involved in what they were critical of," Toledano testified. (Toledano left Tesla about a month ago.)

On Wednesday Tesla's Josh Hedges, Eidelson reported. According to Hedez, Tesla did not hire people who did not sign the confidentiality agreement. The company was concerned about leakage. Tesla will resign from the company and leave on October 5. (19659020) On Thursday, Tesla defended herself against her claim. (Tesla says a strict privacy policy against this rule illegally limits workers' rights.) He fired a worker, Richard Ortiz, for trade union activity. In June, Ortiz lied about his source for the screenshot-Moran, because he did not want to put the peony in trouble, and Tesla was a liar and a fellow bully

If Tesla is found guilty of violating the Labor Code, he will surely appeal, but the discovery will also be fundamentally set to pay attention to all technology companies. Since the recently acquired Whole Foods employees are trying to organize a union, In August, the NLRB filed a complaint with Lanetix, a small software company, after dismissing 14 union members and filing complaints. In Korea, Lee Sang-hoon, chairman of Samsung Electronics, was indicted for attempting to establish a union.

Paintings are already a bit different from those of the Silicon Valley unions, but many workers are increasingly dissatisfied with the way their products are used – more than 3,000 of our employees are working on the Pentagon's unmanned aerial image processing Signed a letter protesting company intervention Another 1,400 Googlers signed a letter protesting a censored screening engine for China An open letter criticizing the work of US immigration and customs authorities with over 100 Microsoft employees Amazon employees said Bezos was using Thiel 's Palantir face recognition technology

Groups like Silicon Valley Rising and the Tech Workers Coalition are working to engineer and shake up change. And the changes these workers want are control over what they do and for whom they are used. Regarding habitual anti-union feelings: Noyce is dead. The job is dead. Andreessen is somewhat less relevant. Republican megadonor Thiel got used to Trump and was thrown aside. The musk is being sued by the SEC. It may appear that another person (Bezos) is coming to collect anti-union forces, but now it seems that there is a power vacuum.

It makes Tesla's case a spokesman – especially for Amazon. If Tesla's tactics proves illegal and the company is punished, the burgeoning trade union movement will be strengthened. If your company's tactics are normal, you could be hit by the establishment of unions elsewhere. Tesla may be a car company, but it is also a technology company. If workers can organize, technology workers have no choice but to get ideas elsewhere. Perhaps the Whole Foods staff of the union will be looking closely at the Tesla exam.

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