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I read a lot of criminal fiction, and I am always looking for new authors who create original and attractive shots of a genre that is often repetitive and familiar. And in most cases, most of the authors I find fail to deliver anything really attractive or unique. The protagonist of Stephen Mack Jones, August Snow, the namesake of the book, is one of my favorite main characters in a long time.

Snow is a former Detroit detective, who was expelled from the department after exposing corrupt officials and basically burning all his bridges. With the police But he refuses to leave his home in Detroit and his neighborhood, "Mexicantown," which, like the rest of Detroit, finally seems to be reviving after decades of decline and contempt. And conveniently he is in a kind of private pseudo-detective, despite his expulsion from the ranks of the true investigators.

The plot of the book is decent, but it is Mack's description of Detroit, a careless story. -the American city, if there ever was one, through a loving and hopeful lens, that really caught my attention. He ingeniously weaves real stories of corruption inside the Detroit mayor's office and the police department in his narrative, while creating a hard-layered leader who is hard not to like.

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