What it was like filming Bill Gates on his average day

Friday Vergecast Interview series Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel talked about a new documentary with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. Bill & # 39; s Brain: Bill Gates Decode premiered at Netflix earlier this month.

Davis spent two years filming with the Microsoft co-founder, talking about how Gates participated in the film, the structure of the documentary, and the most amazing things he learned about men. more. Below is an excerpt from a lightly edited conversation.

Nilay Patel: The most interesting part of reading books alone at home when you are alone during “Think Week” is that you can see diet coke cans build up over time. I have never seen the richest man in the world open a can of Diet Coke. Most people do not have that experience. It is very human and literally alone. What was it like to enter the space with him?

Davis Guggenheim: Well, it's interesting … Let's grab a little bit of curtains when we're making a documentary.

Okay. Here it is. Are we doing time lapse you work? And you can start reading late in the afternoon, and then go to night and work until night. I did this in another project. It is usually similar to saying "What do you want to read?" Or "What page should it be on?" For Bill it's like "Oh, I read."

The book is Tara Westover's book Education he just picked up that day. It was on his list and read about 1 hour 45 minutes. We all move, we move the lights, we move the camera position, they all whisper. But I'm telling you … that man reads as if we weren't, drinking Diet Cokes. will.

His focus is amazing. For us it was not interesting for him to have a camera and lights. “Ah, can I read a quiet moment? Let's read it quietly. "

A lot of people use computers." Bill, if we use Excel for a moment, we'll take your beautiful B-roll. "How would you set up with Bill Gates?

Say, "Hey Bill, we want to shoot you at your desk work" and then do all he wants to do.

I say one thing to him. This is the end of the day and he's doing an online bridge So I said, "Why don't you do an online bridge now?" [19659012] He played with online bridges for 45 minutes. But once again he can be less concerned that we are there. He tried to win the leg game

What surprised you the most about Gates

He was very emotional.

In fact it's amazing

I didn't always see emotions in the first three or four interviews, Melinda [Gates] talks about it. He cries a lot and I think that I present … I always be with him because his intellect is strong, he believes in rational thinking and optimization of things.

It's really believing that it shouldn't affect the decision, and when business and non-profit organizations and foundations make decisions too often, their feelings get blurry. And it's a shame, and I think the series I think that starts to uncover. I want a good job in the world and I think this a very inspiring person has been triggered by a profound sense of injustice, and that the other side of the world, children are dying day that their children have. Can be saved. Say, "Well, not very encouraging." He is "yes, how are you?" And he is the one who needs to be inspired as he gets money and strength. He must be affected. And it seems to say that he is really deeply affected.

Why is he not deeply influenced or like buying other toys like other artists? I don't know why he doesn't know. I just guess why he doesn't show more emotion. People think of him as an analytical person without feelings. I think he is very emotional. He just doesn't show it

Bill & # 39; s Brain: Debill Bill Gates is available on Netflix.

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