What is Microsoft doing with Cortana?

Before heading to Windows 10, iOS and Android, Cortana started life as a digital assistant for Windows Phone. Because Windows phones using Cortana on PCs are rarely used, Microsoft has made a difficult decision to give up competition with Alexa and Google Assistant. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said earlier this year that Cortana is not rivaling other digital assistants and has a rival on the platform. Now I know how it works and what it means to Cortana's future.

Cortana was once a big part of Windows 10, but it is now turning into an application. This allows Microsoft to update Cortana more regularly, but also allows you to detach Cortana from the embedded search environment. Cortana is already separate from search, and Microsoft is working to develop a new search interface for Windows 10. This interface focuses on Microsoft's new Microsoft search initiative. Cortana is quiet during the Windows 10 installation process.

  Windows 10 Cortana

Cortana is used on phones and PCs.

Microsoft claimed that Cortana used 150 million people on Windows 10, but the reality is that the vast majority were using text-based search rather than just Cortana's. The Digital Assistant is much more meaningful than a desktop PC as part of a dedicated device such as Amazon's Echo, and Microsoft is finally recognizing it.

Cortana is also missing from Xbox One. Microsoft originally planned to launch a digital assistant in 2015 on the Xbox console, but arrived in 2016 because of a delayed dashboard development. It will be discarded in a few years now. Xbox users can still use voice commands with the Kinect sensor, but Cortana no longer uses the headset. Microsoft has encouraged Xbox One users to use the Cortana app with voice commands, but it is far from the original Xbox vision. Of course Alexa is also available.

The sign of Cortana's death was at least 18 months. Cortana could not see anything at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2018. However, the thermostat with Cortana is no longer listed as a feature on the Cortana product page. Cortana was going to showcase a refrigerator, toaster and more, but barely made it with smart speakers.

what is microsoft doing with cortana

Cortana-powered thermostat

Microsoft's Windows division has changed. Former Windows chief Terry Myerson left the company last summer, followed by Javier Soltero, President of Cortana, a few months later. Microsoft has now refocused Cortana and withdraws integration directly from Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft has a new vision for Cortana. Cortana includes interactive interactions of the workers who make up the day.

Andrew Shuman, president of Microsoft's new Cortana, presented a new vision early this year in an interview with The Verge . "One of the difficulties we've had over the last few years is finding a place where Microsoft can actually give a lot of value," Shuman said. "We have been working on it for the last year, and I think it's a way to better incorporate Cortana into the Microsoft 365 environment, and it's actually a way to please users who are delighted with the user." Working Documents, Working Documents, and Close Collaborators Interaction. "

This means that Cortana will be much more interactive when you answer queries by voice or text. Microsoft has identified these areas with bots ambitions and Skype integration for Cortana. The company is now relocating Cortana to a technology that can be run anywhere. Microsoft has also moved the Cortana team to the AI ​​research division and the Experiences and Devices team. This means that we are starting to see Cortana appear in meaningful products like Microsoft's surface headphones.

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All of these changes also help us to integrate the assistant more intelligently into our own software, while Alexa takes over some of Cortai's experience directly from Windows. I will. By allowing third-party digital assistants to be integrated into Windows 10, Microsoft means that Alexa can be activated soon when the PC is locked. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to allow Alexa and Cortana to talk to each other, but integration still needs to be much more seamless than it is now.

Microsoft is looking for Android with mobile Cortana ambition. The company is gradually embracing Android as the mobile equivalent of Windows. This is the Microsoft Launcher, designed to replace the basic Google experience, including Google assistant, Android phone, Microsoft's own service and office connectivity. The Microsoft Launcher is importing this Cortana interactive UI earlier this year, and the same interface is available in the Cortana Windows 10 app.

It is difficult to say exactly where Cortana will go in a year or two, but Microsoft hopes the digital secretary will fade into the background more and more. You'll still see it on products that need a voice assist, but you can talk to Alexa or Google Assistant instead of Cortana on the next fridge or toaster.

Read More Here: https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/25/20727129/microsoft-cortana-features-strategy-report

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