What could the ‘A’ stand for in Pixel 3A? Let’s discuss

Google has officially launched the Pixel 3A, its latest smartphone that serves as a cheaper mid-range entry point in the company's pixel line. For more information on the phone, see Dieter's review, but we're here to talk about the name of Pixel 3A. Or more specifically: what does "A" mean ?

Most of the Google Pixel 3A moniker makes sense on the surface: "Google", who, you know, sells the phone. "Pixel", to indicate that it is of the same type as its more expensive brothers, with similar brand standards and ideologies, particularly in relation to the quality of the camera, to match. "3", since that is the current generation of the phone with Pixel, Google is on, and 3A is, basically, a diluted Pixel 3.

But what about the A? This is where things get much more difficult because, like Apple and its iPhone XR and XS phones, Google has decided to differentiate their phone models with an inscrutable letter attached to the name. And, instead of an official explanation from Google, the task falls on us to try to unravel the mystery behind the Google brand. These are our best guesses:

Pixel 3Average / Acceptable

As mentioned above, the Pixel 3A is a minor version of the normal Pixel 3: an average model or perhaps acceptable for those who are willing to settle for poorer specs and build quality in exchange for a cheaper phone.

Pixel 3Affordable

Pixel 3 costs $ 799. Pixel 3A costs $ 399. It is much more affordable and, given the importance of the price for the general sales launch of Google here, it could be the meaning of the designation with letters.

Pixel 3Another / Again / Also

After Google launched the Pixel 3 last fall, the Pixel 3A is literally another Pixel 3.

Pixel 3Aux

because it has a 3.5mm headphone jack . Pass the auxiliary cable.

Pixel 3, huh?

Google probably employs some Canadians, who may have had a hand in the design or the name of the phone. In Canada, specifically, "eh" or "ay" is used to indicate a question, as in "Are you sure it is a 3 pixel?". Given the similarities between the two phones on the surface and in terms of features, it is a plausible mistake to commit.


Sometimes, life is just a disappointment and things do not turn out to be significant. As physics tells us, it is impossible to really know everything about an object, and perhaps, like the previous iPhone XR, there is nothing behind the "A" in the name of Pixel 3A, but a void endless and meaningless.

Pixel 3 Ayyyyyyyyyyy

…. or maybe it's The Fonz's favorite phone.

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