What Amazon got wrong about New York City

On the day when Amazon announced the winner of the contest for the second headquarters, I suggested that the company misinterpreted the current relationship between the tech giant and public opinion.

The company has misread the room – one of the world's largest conglomerates changes the $ 1 billion in freebies to overestimate the appetite of the public and underestimate the ability of the public to exploit the hell. The Amazon may feel the pain in the long run.

Today has been a long time. Amazon announced today that it will abandon its plans for a New York regional office in a move anticipated by an early report of the Washington Post (19459009), owned by Jeff Bezos . The public sentiment actually killed the deal.

"After much thought and deliberation, we decided not to pursue a plan to build an Amazon headquarters in Long Island City in Queens," Amazon said in a statement this morning. Amazon's plan to move to Queens was largely secretly explored without the opinions of local lawmakers.

. There was immediate opposition after the negotiations were announced. It was a major concession that allowed New York to entice the company to Amazon. It included incentives of up to $ 1.5 billion in return for creating 25,000 jobs. Amazon promised $ 2.5 billion in investment.

At some level I understand Amazon's approach to city trading. I have dealt with economic development at the state and city levels for the first eight years of my career, where I saw some of the profitable corporate incentives as jobs. Until very recently – perhaps until there was a deal . Companies have been able to get a handout to set a new employment promise to a politician who wants to undermine his reputation as a job-maker. (Ask the cool people of Racine, Wisconsin.)

Economic issues often dominate state and local campaigns, and we want everyone to stand in front of the new headquarters when the light bulb is cut and the ribbon is turned off. But Amazon 's frustrated efforts to build in New York show that simple promises for jobs are no longer sufficient to gain public support and can, in some ways, be counterproductive.

One big reason is that economics 2: a small number of highly educated professionals, can enjoy a good job as a salary. And a much lower salary group of service workers who take care of them. Earlier this month, Eduardo Porter wrote to the New York Times :

There is a good island made up of highly trained professionals in companies like Intel and Boeing that make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. Per Employee The island is in a pragmatic state, with low-educated workers staying at workplaces such as hotels, restaurants, and nursing homes, generating much less per employee and keeping wages low.

Even economists reassess their beliefs. Technological advances have lifted all boats and started to worry about the new working environment.

Porter is responsible for this branch of automation. Amazon is the industry leader.

19659012] For an uneasy public, the promise of 25,000 new jobs will change a lot in 2019 than in 2009. If you go to the sea of ​​hotel and restaurant workers Porter said, Amazon will be eligible for one of your jobs in your backyard. Even if the company later provides a vocational retraining program for late-skilled workers

and also interested in the experience of other global technology capitals, especially San Francisco's home base – paying jobs are usually accompanied by an expensive rise in rents I will. Rising cost of living can keep most workers from losing home ownership, and ultimately even workers with high wages can be dispatched to outsiders.

Amazon saw its promise to create 25,000 jobs. Job creation is the vast majority of what we have asked about American companies. However, given the fact that the Amazon is an economy where self is transformed into a mercilessly ruthless economy according to its own interests, I hope that many New Yorkers have nothing to do.

Of course, the company realized all of this earlier. Did not you pursue the deal with little public opinion or research? The company's claim that its multi-billion dollar sweepstakes will be negotiated in secret is claimed to be instantly cut off from criticism of the virus. This shows how the company's strategy first broke the company's strategy.

The Giants have learned a lesson from Amazon 's attempt to build a strongly subsidized regional office, but hope that the risk of catastrophe that they bring when they ask for more secrets when negotiating with the public sector.

The Collapse of HQ2 in New York – Virginia's Response Area Project Continues – A small victory for democracy, concentrating rapidly on corporate power. Amazon will still hire 25,000 new people to bring to New York, but said it will spread them to 17 regional hubs in the US and Canada.

If you live farther from Amazon, each municipality can absorb a new job. A nationwide program for high-wage skills occupations means a second national program of low-wage, but still meaningful service industry jobs, which can be used in many more cities. And you can get all of this without having to pledge billions of dollars to a company that pretends you have little money.

The survey showed solid support for Amazon boondoggle and publicly mourns the difficult plans of some industry group companies in New York. Colleague Natt Garun reports:

A decision by local technology leaders like Julie Samuels to leave New York was disappointing. Julie Samuel runs Tech: NYC, a nonprofit organization that creates technology companies. "This is terrible for New York, and you're talking about the thousands of jobs that are currently in New York City," says Samuel.

Tech: NYC currently has more than 700 companies including Etsy and General Assembly. . "" "and" "became self-owned in the worldwide NYC ecosystem . "

One, I'm not sure that Amazon will eventually bring thousands of jobs to New York, but the company has an existing office in the city, and obviously they will expand with the ambition of Amazon.

Second, let's keep in mind that whilst any face-farming is in progress, all of this should never be done that way, as the world has changed and Amazon executives (famous for "Day 1" spirit)


Revue's parser sometimes struggles with the Washington Post URL, but while reading Tony Romm's special edition Federal Trade, Facebook has turned the billions of dollars in FTC into personal information It is said that the Trump Administration (Trump Administration)

It is the largest penalty that the FTC has ever imposed on a technology company, but according to status the specific amount of the penalty has not yet been determined.

] The largest fine imposed by the FTC was Google's $ 22.5 million penalty in 2012, which the regulator decided. The search giant explicitly said that it would not, and then tracked users of the Apple Safari web browser. [19659029] After a short revolt, the EU link tax and upload filter will be moved to the final vote

Hated articles 11 The 13 European Copyright Directives survived the last minute debate, and in March or April the European Parliament James Vincent reports that he will be voting for the final vote

Still the same. According to Final Article 13, Reda needs to pre-search for user-uploaded content on infringing material on commercial platforms such as YouTube, Tumblr, and Twitter. Article 11, on the other hand, grants publishers the right to charge search engines, aggregators and other sites for reproduction of "a single word or a very short extract" of a new story.

Big Tech companies, scholars and rights holders (many originally supporting copyright guidelines) opposed the two articles. Many bills provide wise reforms of old-fashioned copyright laws in the Internet age, but the vague expressions and ambiguous ambitions of Articles 11 and 13 give anger to many.

India proposes Chinese Internet censorship

Vindu Goel suggests Modi government proposed Internet rules that technology companies should automatically block vast amounts of content and free speech in the process. The bill may be passed before the week.

Under the proposed rules, Indian officials may require that Facebook, Google, Twitter, TikTok, and others delete posts or videos that they consider to be infringing, hateful or deceptive. Internet companies should build automated testing tools to prevent Indians from seeing "illegal information or content". Another provision is to weaken the privacy of messaging services such as WhatsApp, allowing authorities to track messages to their original senders.

At any time after the Thursday night forum period, the Narendra Modi government can impose new rules. The US president is eager to take appropriate action before calling for a special election law that limits new policies ahead of this spring's parliamentary elections.

Dawn of the Little Red Phone

David Bandurski, a Chinese community party app, Xi Study Strong Nation, awards the citizens to how much they have promoted. Overall Nightmare Fuel:

The platform has a built-in "Xi Learning Point" system (Academic Configuration System) that allows users to read and view content based on the platform's everyday use. Comments and other forms of participating posting. Local governments and ministries across China have widely promoted them, and some of the work units have instructed their employees to achieve compliance levels and are reported to have an obligation to discipline noncompliant people.

Companies use data to monetize. California thinks you should get the money

Heather Kelly explores California Governor Gavin Newsom's "Data Dividend" proposal.

This concept is based on Alaska's existing model, and residents are the state's oil royalties dividend every fall. Payouts ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per person have become part of the national economy.

The mention is simple and conspicuously lacking in detail, but a concept from fringe to mainstream. A recent universal basic income test could open the way for related ideas that suggest that you pay everyone basic wages.

EU polls aimed at Moldova elections, Facebook officials account

Moldova is open to its citizens through Facebook.

Facebook said it would dismantle countless pages and accounts designed to pretend to be a local fact-finding authority before the elections in Moldova this month, which look like independent opinion pages.

"So Nathaniel Gleicher, the head of Facebook's cyber security policy, told reporters in Brussels."


Facebook security, including users and former employees You can keep and track a detailed list of threats. Their location

Sal Rodriguez reports that Facebook's data privacy does not apply to those who threaten violence against Facebook. If you threatened Facebook or your employees, your company uses real-time location and other personal data for responses.

Privacy exemption: Facebook employee. Rodriguez reported on an interesting case of Facebook that some intern staff believe were missing based on their location data. But Facebook employees – Facebook has a "protocol set" when reading private messages.

If location data is of no help, the information security team keeps on digging, and interns have exchanged messages that they have no intention of working that day. Essentially they lied to the manager. The information security team briefed the administrator on what he found.

"There was reasonable concern about the safety of this individual," a Facebook spokesman said. "In each isolated case, these employees did not respond to all communication channels. There is a set of protocols that tell when and how to access employee data when an employee is missing."

Facebook and Google's anti- The pressure to stop the theory of viral conspiracy

The very next day after leading the newsletter on this issue, Facebook said it was "looking for additional steps" to counter the false vaccine content on Facebook as the outbreak of the measles outbreak continued in Washington State . Adam Schiff sent a letter to Facebook and Google CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai asking for false information about the vaccine on their platform.

Facebook allows you to search for photos of your female friends, not your male friends.

Probably just a flaw. But:

Belgian security researcher found an unusual whim on Facebook's search function. You can search for photos of your female friends on Facebook, but refuse to play backgammon if you want to search for photos of your male friends. The bizarre discovery was discovered this weekend, discovered by the infamous Belgian white hat hacker Inti De Ceukelaire.

Amazon wrote a billions-dollar Game Unity book claim to the game.

Before Amazon exploded the New York deal, I wrote this column in a future publication of Blake Harris' book on the history of Oculus . In particular, I wanted to write about Mark Zuckerberg's remarkable 2015 strategy memo, which outlines his theoretical basis for acquiring the game engine Unity, an argument that I did not actually play. The discussion of platform risk is particularly interesting because of the corporate certificate revocation this month. Read everything anyway.

"It's vulnerable to Google and mobile because it creates an important mobile platform." "From a timing standpoint, we will soon get better as the next platform becomes ubiquitous, and the time we are in a mobile world led by Google and Apple will shorten. So our goal is not only to win in VR / AR but also to accelerate our arrival. "

One in three Americans suffered severe online harassment in 2018

It is too dangerous place. According to a new poll by the Anti-Defamation League,

Despite a joint effort by technology giants to reduce disgusting behavior on the platform, the new survey finds serious online abomination and harassment, including stalking and violence. Physical threats are increasing. A survey released Wednesday by the US Anti-Defamation League found that more than a third of Americans experienced severe online abuse or harassment in 2018. A similar Pew Research Center report says that 18 percent of Americans were seriously harassed online. For young people in 1918, the number was even worse, with about half of those aged 18-29 saying they experienced some sort of severe harassment online in 2018.

The New York Times Quietly Snapchat Channel

Why does it stop quietly when you can declare loudly that Discover is fundamentally broken?


Snapchatty on Twitter for the first time to explore new camera features

Josh Constine and Ingrid Lunden have recently tested upgraded camera features similar to Snapchat on Twitter.

Twitter has developed an enhanced camera feature that allows you to secretly access your home screen with a swipe, and you can overlay captions on photos, videos and live broadcasts before sharing them with your timeline. Twitter is already being used for people to post pictures and videos, but they are building this profile to build their profile as a media company and to allow people in the Snapchat and Instagram era to do more of that.

What, who and who should be afraid of misinformation in social media?

I personally choose to be afraid of everything, but Max Read New Yorker says he should be most worried about the wealthy people in the unread article – wrong campaigns.

As state-sponsored threats face more aggressive platforms, the threat of misinformation in the US election will grow. Not with geopolitical enemies, but with private providers and their wealthy customers. We are already seeing this happening. While Sen. Alabama was racing last year, a group of "Democratic Technology Professionals", sponsored by LinkedIn's CEO Reid Hoffman, created a fake conservative Facebook page to run a secret program for the division within the Alabama Republican Party. . (Senator Doug Jones, an intended beneficiary of too weak an effort to make an impact, has asked for a campaign question.) This campaign is generally in the United States and is subject to greater legal protections and problems in Saint Petersburg or Beijing It is more difficult to identify and terminate. The Enty and Farrow reports Psy-Group sold an average of $ 350,000 in services.

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