Waze on Android is getting the Google Assistant, too

Waze pioneered the idea of ​​building a lightweight social layer reporting traffic and police to a map app. This has gained popularity around the world. I sold Google too much and bought it in 2013. Since then, the Waze feature has infiltrated Google Maps from time to time, and vice versa. Today's news is second: now we have a Google Assistant button (and a "Hey Google" hotword) in Waze.

Google added Assistant to Google Maps earlier this year, and it may have been a little Trojan horse to make iPhone users more familiar with using Google's AI instead of Siri. For Waze, Google is using Android only now. It is being released for people who speak English only in the United States. Waze-only commands may not work with Android Auto.

Google emphasizes that you can create traffic information by voice instead of tapping the button. For example, avoid tolls or say "Hey Google, traffic," as follows:


In addition to reporting a speeding violation on Google Maps, Google Assistant does the same thing as it can on Google Maps. You can perform tasks such as controlling music or podcasts, setting up destinations, and starting a call.

  • "Google Reported Crash"
  • "Google Report Traffic"
  • "Hello, Report to Google, Police"
  • "Hello, Google allows / denies. 19659009] "Hello, show us a different route."

Waze I am glad that users have easier access to voice controls, but they are blurry. I have a record I think Google Maps is becoming the iTunes of the mapping app. I want to process too many jobs at once. There is a chat app inside the pit. I hope that Waze does not have the same kind of swelling.

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