Waymo’s self-driving cars are now available on Lyft’s app in Phoenix

Lyft users in the Phoenix area will soon be able to call one of Waymo's self-directed minivans for a ride, the companies said Tuesday. It is the culmination of an association that was announced for the first time almost exactly two years ago.

To begin with, only 10 vehicles will be available in the Lyft app in a handful of cities in Phoenix. Lyft customers will have the option of selecting a trip in a self-managed Waymo through the company's application. There will be security drivers behind the wheel, as with Waymo One, Alphabet's commercial call transport service.

But despite having a limited appearance on the surface, represents a great advance for autonomous vehicles and those traveling in road. Lyft is already facilitating trips in self-driving cars developed by technology company Aptiv in Las Vegas, but Waymo has been mapping the streets of suburban Phoenix for more than two years. And it is considered that the split of Google has one of the best technologies in operation today.

Having said that, Waymo has been skeptical about giving rides in his self-driving minivans. The company is operating two services in the Phoenix area: Waymo One, which has taken more than 1,000 passengers to school, work or shopping; and its early start program, which requires passengers to sign non-disclosure agreements before experiencing some of the company's latest updates. Waymo One is only available to former pilots, but is not subject to an NDA.

The terms of the agreement were not announced, so we do not know how Waymo and Lyft are dividing the rates or handling the customer service problems. The two companies announced plans to work together in 2017, but they never explained what they would do. That year, Alphabet's investment arm led a round of financing of $ 1 billion in Lyft, which was recently made public.

Today's announcement indicates that Waymo is willing to open its cars to a wider selection of passengers. It also represents the first time that Waymo makes its vehicles available to people who do not participate in its first pilots program.

"This first step in our partnership will allow us to present the Waymo driver to Lyft users, enabling them to take what for many will be their first trip in an automatic driving vehicle," said Waymo CEO John Krafcik, a Medium send. "We are committed to continuously improving the experience of our customers, and our partnership with Lyft will also provide our teams with the opportunity to gather valuable feedback."

The news comes on the same day that Lyft announced its first quarterly earnings report as a public company. The horse riding company said it lost a whopping $ 1.1 billion in the last quarter, compared to a loss of $ 243 million in the same period in 2018. Lyft said its losses were exacerbated by the costs associated with its IPO ; his income was $ 776 million, almost twice the amount of last year.

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