Watchmen HBO TV series: release date, trailers, cast, and characters

When the new Watchmen television series on HBO began speaking in 2015, many fans of the iconic graphic novel, or the 2009 Zak ​​Snyder film adaptation, may have wondered if this incoming television series is just a recap of what we have seen before. So far, however, the evidence suggests that the HBO program is a fairly radical management of the Watchmen universe.

Watchmen was originally released as a comic mini series, finally brought together in the graphic novel that you will still find in countless bestsellers. lists, as well as the 100 best books of all time of Time . Created by comic artists Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke) and Dave Gibbons (2000 AD), it is not surprising to see HBO want to talk about Watchmen's story for the small screen.

Episode nine However, the Watchmen television series will take place 34 years after the end of the comic series, in a 2019 alternative America that changes modern comforts such as the internet or smartphones for a culture of masked justice and vigilant.

UPDATE: We now have a firm release date of October 20, as well as reports that the Watchmen television series is a one-season project. Read everything you need to know about the Watchmen HBO program below.


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The Watchmen television series is being produced by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment, and broadcast on HBO – you will probably want the program to support the numbers of viewers before the Game of Thrones Prequel arrives in 2020. Screenwriter and producer Damon Lidelof (Lost, Prometheus) has created the television series.

On the surface, this seems to be a grounded take on the source material, and might not include some of the more … alien elements of extraterrestrial squid from the original comic series. On the other hand, it could be. To find out what will be included, read on to see our complete Watchmen television program guide below.

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  • What is it? The television adaptation of the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon
  • Is the Watchmen television show a sequel? It takes place after the events of the graphic novel, instead of being a sequel to the 2009 film [19659012] Where can I see it? HBO (USA), Channel 4 and Sky Atlantic (United Kingdom), Foxtel (AU)
  • When will it be launched? October 20
  • Is it in 4K / HDR? Yes at 4K, although HDR formats have not been confirmed
  • Is Dr. Manhattan in it? Yes. We had a brief look in the trailer, but it is not clear how important his role will be

Trailers of the Watchmen television series HBO

Now there is a lot of content in the trailer to delight your eyes before of the launch of the Watchmen television show in October. HBO has released an official trailer (the first one below), showing Regina King in full mask attire, navigating the thorny situation she is in, with a brief glimpse of some old characters, or at least their vehicles .

What a militia group inspired by the legacy of Rorshach (an iconic antihero of Watchmen comics) looks like, and police forces also wear masks, the scene is set for a lot of action, and some difficult questions about brutality police and the means by which citizens seek justice. Who will watch the Watchmen? Who in fact.

A week comes after a & # 39; movie & # 39; with comments from the creator of the program Damon Lindelof in images of the program, to get a more behind-the-scenes perspective on the Watchmen Series entry.

We got our first look at a preview of a Watchmen TV show in May 2019, which you can see below.

Release date of the Watchmen television series HBO

The Watchmen television program will be released on October 20. The date was leaked early by the Instagram fan account hbo.watchmen, who saw an interview with Lindelof in TV Guide & # 39; s Fall Preview magazine, with what looks like a October 20 release date printed on the pages . Originally, there was simply a "Fall Release Window of 2019.

  Some new faces (masks?) Seem ready to appear next to canonical characters

Some new faces (masks?) Seem ready to appear next to the canonical characters

(Image credit: Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment)

How many episodes will the Watchmen television series have?

The first season of the Watchmen television series will have nine episodes , and each episode will be reduced weekly.On October 20, the series is likely to end before the end of 2019.

In an interview with Deadline, the creator of the program Damon Lindelof emphasized that the story was created to tell a story of a season and that there were no renovations or follow-ups currently planned:

"We designed these nine episodes to be as independent as the 12 numbers originals We wanted to feel that there was a feeling of fullness, to solve the essential mystery at hand. "

Lindelof distanced Watchmen from the notorious end of the cliff to Lost's six-season race, while adding that there was" a potential promise for further exploration of the world. "

Where can I watch the Watchmen television show?

The Watchmen television series will land exclusively on HBO in the United States, and UK viewers will be able to watch it on Channel 4 / the All TV streaming services on request 4. In Australia, viewers will be able to access the program through Foxtel.

  Rorschah's mask will be on display, despite the character that originally wore it long since [19659034] Rorschah's mask will be on the show, despite the character that originally wore it missing </p>
</figcaption><p>  (Image credit: Warner Bros. / DC Ent ertainment) </p>
<h2 id= Cast and characters from the Watchmen television show

Who will play the Watchmen? until appearing on the show, including Academy Award winner Regina King (If Beale Street could speak), and British actor Jeremy Irons (many things, but also Scar's original voice in The Lion King of 1994).

Other cast members include Tim Blake Nelson (Oh Brother, Where are you?), Frances Fisher (Titanic, Fargo), Hong Chau (Size Reduction) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen (from episode Black Mirror Striking Vipers).

Given the time jump of the graphic novel configuration, it seems that we will get many original characters. Only three canonical figures for the series have been confirmed, including the Silk Specter, the blue Doctor Manhattan (which appears briefly in the trailer) and the & # 39; smartest man in the world & # 39; Adrian Veidt (also known as Ozymandias) that we know is being played by Jeremy Irons, despite attempts to keep it a secret.

Watchmen's favorites seen in the movie, such as Night-Owl, Rorshach and The Comedian, are not expected to appear, at least not without some liberal changes in the film. Watchmen chronology.

  Jeremy Irons sits with an innocuous cake

Jeremy Irons sits with an innocuous cake

(Image credit: Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment)

How is the Watchman HBO series different from The comics?

The creator of the show, Damon Lindelof, clarified some confusion in an Instagram post, where he clarified that the source material would be "remixed" instead of re-reading. It is an original story, then, and, unlike the 2009 film adaptation, which will take place more than 30 years after the events of the graphic novel, which means there will probably be a lot of artistic license to spin something new.

Day 140. Damon

A photo posted by @damonlindelof on May 22, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. PDT

Touching Alan Moor & # 39; and explicit disapproval of Watchmen adapting repeatedly (which is only possible if DC and Warner Bros. retain the rights of the characters), Lindelof also apologizes to fans while exposing his personal connection with the story and why he felt "forced" to participate in the television series anyway. It is worth reading.

In the hbo.watchmen publication that found the release date of October 20, there are a number of comments from the interview that caught our attention, including Ozymandias with some surprises in the store and some "strange" things to Old fans or for those who come to Watchmen for the first time. Even that "giant alien squid", one of the strangest moments of the graphic novel, receives a shout.

HBO Watchmen To Premiere on October 20? . Looks like Watchmen could arrive on October 20! The Fall Preview of the TV Guide includes an interview with @damonlindelof, who talks about the show and its world and how it was first presented to the comics. But the most important thing could be at the beginning of the interview, where it says: "It opens on Sunday October 20"! HBO has not yet confirmed the date, but so far it seems to be the date! In addition, some interesting things Lindelof revealed: 1. The world of Watchmen will include strict weapons controls, so that even the police have limited access to firearms. 2. Lindelof still doesn't want to confirm that Jeremy Irons is playing Ozymandias! But he says that his interpretation of the character is what will surprise the comic fans the most! 3. He says the show's pilot will be strange both to viewers who never read the original comics and to people who are big fans, and that is his goal: "I want Watchmen to be accessible to people who don't have familiarity. intimate with the comic. I thought I would probably be doing my job correctly if the pilot confused everyone equally! "Lindelof says with a smile. 4. He says the show will continue to be strange as well as the comics: "On a scale of 1 to 10, if the giant alien squid is a 10, I go to 10". #WatchmenHBO Watchmen HBO

A photo posted by @ hbo.watchmen on August 29, 2019 at 9:31 a.m. PDT

These statements must be taken with a pinch of salt for now, since we have no screenshots of the real magazine, but the Watchmen television program is emerging as a curious addition to HBO programming.

So, can we expect more than the nine episodes currently coming to your screens? In the eternal words of Doctor Manhattan: “Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends ”

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