Watch Eminem’s Empire State Building performance, shot mostly on Google’s Pixel 3

The assassin rap god Eminem and the fantastic director Terrence Malick officially have more in common than people thought. They both worked with Google to advertise across Pixel 3 ads. However, New Yorkers who were filmed in New York in 1975 anticipated the performance of the Empire State Building, which is monitoring New Yorkers as they take photographed pictures.

According to ABC, most were taken at pixel three. This video Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Eminem plays a new song "poison" of the same name in Sony's anti-hero blockbuster. Venom is considering taking a stunning venue in San Francisco, not in New York City, but Kimmel brought his show to Brooklyn this week and explains the theme.

Shooting at 30 fps, Eminem's performance is an early draw, but the focus of the video quickly switches to a lighting show similar to the EDM of the Empire State Building. The ever-changing neon lighting is somewhat painful to see and the 30 fps resolution is similar to 30 fps. Eminem's next-hit collection of songs and changes to the dazzling light can not capture Pixel 3's capabilities commercially.

It's not something Google has ever noticed before. Last April, John Legend shot a full music video using Pixel 2. Keeping this video in more detail will enable Pixel's camera features to turn his attention to John Legend's music on "shoot on smartphone" schtick .

Venom is currently being shown in the theater, Pixel 3 is pre-orderable. It will officially be sold on October 18th.

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