Watch a Tesla Model S get stolen with a key fob hack

Tesla's cars can be cutting edge. However, this is not absolutely secure in terms of security. This is being shown in a new video that shows that it is not that hard to steal one of the company's cars without proper protection.

While parked on the British driveway, two thieves are appearing in the video, snatching around Model S at night. When tablets and phones are used in line, the owners often say that the Tesla owner's key chain is used "behind the house," but it is intercepted. The thief sends the signal to the car and makes the owner think that they are driving in using the key chain.

These thefts are dangerous for cars that allow keyless entry. (The Volkswagen Group also suffered from this problem for years.) Tesla warned the owners of the UK about this theft after a small incident earlier this year.

Tesla recently released two new features, a "driving PIN" that requires drivers to enter a PIN code. The company reminded owners that it is possible to turn off the "passive entry" feature that automatically unlocks the car and opens the door when the owner approaches (and is less secure, but safer). One way to prevent this theft is to put the key fob in the "Faraday Pouch" when not in use to prevent the signal from intercepting the first time.

In this case, the owner acknowledges that there is no such safeguard, which is one of the reasons his car could eventually be stolen. The thief seems to have found a way to disable the car remotely. Tesla can track its location. But his Model S was charging when the car was stolen, and the thief seemed unable to figure out how to unplug it from the charging socket. After a few difficult moments, they finally figured it out. This is not the time to get caught in the camera of the doorbell with all the faces connected. It helps to notify that new technologies sometimes have disadvantages and that true security can not be taken for granted, even though the theft has been included in the video from beginning to end.

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