Warner Music joins Sony as latest major label to legalize DJ mixes with Dubset

Dubset signed an agreement with Warner Music, a licensed prototype that helps DJs use licensed songs in their own sets or remixes and monetize their content. Warner Music Group is one of the biggest music labels that have signed an agreement with Dubset, which means the majority of music DJs want to play, including artists like Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and Migos. You have full monetization rights. Essentially, artists using the Dubset platform legally include songs from the Warner catalog in a full-length mix and distribute them to Apple Music and Spotify.

Dubset has announced a partnership in the newsletter sent today. "Dubset's team is constantly working on expanding the catalog to provide more tracksets that can be used in a DJ set that can be deployed to a streaming service." The licenses that DJs can include in the mix are Sony Music Entertainment,

Sony's first major label, Dubset, entered into an alliance with the company in August 2017. Since then, the company has partnered with Warner Music Group, Merlin (also known as the fourth major) Indie distributions Merlin and Tidal have also made deals with Dubset.Most recently, SoundCloud partnered with Dubset in October 2018 to allow sample and remix authorizations when the producer user base was uploaded to the site. [19659004] "Licensed songs that DJs can include in the mix"

The Universal Music Group now has Dubset It's the only major label to sign a contract, but the company has suffered tremendous damage in a few years. Several companies have joined on both sides of the aisle. Legitimate gray zone material appeals to labeling and streaming platforms.

Stephen White, CEO of Dubset, previously told The Verge "For artists, [this deal] the music used in remixes and mixes is now properly controlled and appropriately monetized, It means that you are rewarded. "

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