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Welcome to the War Thunder wiki 2020 guide. In this wiki guide we will discuss the best strategies, tips & tricks of War Thunder game. If you like simulation¬†games and don’t like more than killing enemies with tanks, War Thunder can be a hindrance.

The simulation game can fight tanks against the hordes of enemies. It may seem simple at first, but it’s not that easy. You will have a lot of strategic thinking and concentration to make sure you are at the top of the game. We’re here to help you with the War Thunder wiki.

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War Thunder wiki basic guide 2020

The first thing to do is understand how all tanks work. You need to understand the various statistics you have on your tank.

The first tip of the War Thunder 2020 is to go through all the available tanks in the game and see what they do.


Armor thickness



These are very important, the difference between the two experienced players will be the tank, so you need to have a tactical advantage. You can go to the hangar and check the tank in X-ray mode. Understand what each tank’s specifications are and find out what works best for your play style.

If you’re a brave style player, you’ll need to find aggressive tanks with lots of armor and consistent damage. If you want to fight at range and do massive damage, you need to find a long-range DPS tank. The tank playstyle is entirely personal preference and there is no “correct” playstyle.


One of the most underestimated statistics in the tank is speed. Mobility is determined by the speed and weight of the tank. I want the tank, not the target of the shooting gallery, to always move. Slow and heavy armor requires a more tactical approach. However, fast and high gloves can be a bit more aggressive.

The angle you receive during combat is just as important as your mobility. You want to use your movements and fight over the corner. As expected, the tank does a great deal of damage, and finally I want to be shot with a face in the enemy tank.

Learn to shoot

When you want to master the battle. The most important tip of the War Thunder Wiki is to practice peeking until you can consistently pull it out. Peek shooting is a trick that is essentially related to cover shooting. I am trying to maximize the time behind the cover while processing the max DPS.

Fighting at a 45-degree angle is a good way to take advantage of positioning in combat. If you can do it consistently, you win most of the 1 to 1 every time you engage an enemy.

War Thunder is one of the funniest simulation games, so it’s a good idea to check it out. For More Updates Checkout:- ¬†Our Facebook Page.

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