Walmart-owned Sam’s Club is opening a cashier-less store in Texas

Walmart-owned retailer Sam's Club opens a "Sam's Club Now" store in Texas that does not have a real cash teller and gets pages from Amazon's playbook. CEO Jamie Iannone said the new store is "very close to opening," and will serve as "the epicenter of innovation at Sam's Club."

Sam 's Club Now is not as automated as a high – tech Amazon Go location without using traditional cashier. The user will use the new Sam's Club Now app to scan the items as they pass through the store and perform a final scan when the employee closes when they complete the purchase. It's about the same as changing an entire store into a sequential self-checkout stand.

walmart owned sams club is opening a cashier less store in

The company has a great ambition to expand its experience through smart shopping lists that are updated automatically when scanning products, and intelligent maps and augmented reality that can help you find the next item in your store.

Sam & # 39; s Club Now plans to update its prices immediately and add an electronic shelf label that can take advantage of over 700 cameras to better manage inventory.

Sam 's Club Now is part of the Sam' s Club 's ongoing efforts. As a result of recent moves by Amazon and Wal – Mart to promote retail supremacy in the US, It makes one Sam Club compete directly with a new Amazon store.

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