Walmart is reportedly looking into launching its own cloud gaming service

The cloud gaming service is one of the biggest themes at Tech this week, but we do not expect Wal-Mart to participate in this technology. Google's announcement of Stadia, an upcoming game streaming service, is already being intercepted by reports from US Gamer . "Several sources who are accustomed to Walmart's plans to remain anonymous say to USG that Google is looking for the possibility of launching its own cloud gaming service to compete with their games.

Walmart, one of the largest retail companies in the world, has the funds to fund these pet projects, and more interestingly, Walmart can run the infrastructure he needs theoretically

Google's Stadia platform is used by other technology companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft to manage and use their own services. It relies heavily on similar data centers, but Wal- Recently, we have signed a five-year partnership with Microsoft to use Azure and Microsoft 365 products in their projects on machine learning, AI, and data platforms.

In addition, Wal-Mart lost his CTO, Jeremy King, to Pinterest for eight years, leading Walmart Labs, a technology group that led the company's interest in cloud computing.

Wal-Mart's reputation in the gaming community is "saving money and making it better for a living." Not to enjoy "" disappointment "When Wal-Mart first attempted to launch a gaming computer under a brand name, it overpowered its name by partnering with Esports Arena (the first company to have a dedicated e-sports stadium in the United States), resulting in poor build quality And customer service were the factors that aggravated the company's launch. I know I'm not a fan of game laptops.

Walmart also suspended plans to launch a video streaming service to compete with Netflix, as reported by CNBC in January. There is also evidence that Walmart can easily escape from such ventures.

The Verge told Wal-Mart, but it's no use. In the meantime, I wondered how competitive the new and exciting environment of cloud game services is.

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