Vulture Central team welcomed to our new nest by crashed Ubuntu that

As eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, Vulture Central UK is on the move. Our migration path has taken us to Grays Inn Road in London and, well, you can see what awaited us.

Normally we like to present Windows machines in various states of distress, be it a self-service from Tesco or Boots up, or the strange railway terminal that has a very, very bad day.

Today, courtesy of BT's InLinkUK, we have a Linux-based device stuck with the pants at the door.

InLinkUK is a team that deploys – hanging screens on the pavement, which attract punters with the promise of connectivity. Or, in this case, an idea of ​​the operating system in which things really work.

For those who are not familiar with the technology, InLinkUK arrived in London in 2017, with the aim of replacing the British Telecom public telephone network with Wi-Fi access points capable of gigabit speeds, charging ports and offering to confused pedestrians local information. And, er, locked boot screens.

Unlike embedded Windows XP, we often find dishonor in the capital, today's malefactor was running Ubuntu 15.04, also known as Vivid Vervet.

Older readers will remember our excitement when Vivid Vervet made an appearance in 2015, which marked the transition from the operating system from Upstart to systemd. After all, what could go wrong with such a change?

Systemd problems aside, 15.04 was not an LTS release and Ubuntu slapped him with a nine-month lifespan, which ended in 2016. Three years on, he encouraged us to see Vervet still alive, kicking and requesting a login in the old city of London.

vulture central team welcomed to our new nest by crashed ubuntu that Why so bad? Click to add

Canonical has not yet commented on one of its cobweb hits that appeared on Grays Inn Road, more than three years after it was supposed to have been grazed.

And InLinkUK? We were assured that the "team will solve the display of advertisements near your office".

But as for what happened and why they were running on a seemingly outdated version of Ubuntu, the company has remained silent. ®

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