Vue raised $3 million for smart glasses years ago, but promises they’ll ship

In the monthly rising and falling columns, we look back at the rally gadget that has reached its financing goals. After a few months or a year, how are they doing? If they have shipped to their sponsor, are they still supporting the gadget? If not, why did not you follow the delivery deadline?

What is today's gauze and what does it do?

Vue is a smart eyeglass that started with a $ 50,000 funding goal at the Kickstarter in October 2016. We exceeded that goal and ultimately collected more than $ 2 million from our sponsors. Since then the company has raised an additional $ 1 million through pre-orders.

Glasses are designed to play and control music through bone conduction speakers, track activity, display notifications, and make calls. They pair with the companion app via Bluetooth and charge it through the case. Essentially, they are all-in-one devices that promise to act like a combination of wireless earbuds, fitness trackers and smart watches.

What happened after the funding? Did it come out?

The company planned to ship by July 2017, but did not ship anything. Vue co-founder Aaron Rowley said the company hopes to send the first 1,000 units this month. Considering that Vue owes about 20,000, it is a minority.

Still, Rowley says that all the components of the glasses are ordered. Your development work is complete. Production facilities are equipped. The team is optimizing production.

The company constantly updates the status of the Kickstarter page. The last dispatch began on September 30th, but the team seems to post more than once a month. Rowley posted most updates and responded to all sponsor inquiries.

"We still have a lot of people behind in the campaign, but of course we try to communicate, what the problem is, how to solve it, and what we have learned," he says.

vue raised 3 million for smart glasses years ago but promises theyll ship


"It's a super emotional experience," says Rowley. "I am the first person to speak because I wrote most updates. It also handles a lot of communication about customer support and information communication. I aim at many things because I think it's important to know that people are upset and excited at this stage. "

Most of the conversations are productive, but some are particularly aggressive and can hurt."

"I do not blame people for being angry, but they do not have conversations in voice and body language When I see them, I often feel the time to be hurt by them. "

What do supporters say?

Most supporters seem to be complaining about recent changes in eye prescriptions," he says. At the same time, we started supporting the campaign in 2016. At the same time, people seem to appreciate the company's latest news, and some patrons even defend Vue because the company resembles the idea of ​​where these updates are located

vue raised 3 million for smart glasses years ago but promises theyll ship

People are still embarrassed and lose hope

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What should the company say for themselves?

Rowley says the company "underestimated the complexity of product creation," and " Reducing multiple paper cuts "says it's a delay." The team says there's enough hardware to ship on time, "We have had a great deal to overcome once every four months," he says.

He and the team respect the people with the delay.

We have to be careful about the people who are spending time and money to support them, "he says." We really appreciate them, "

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