Volkswagen, Intel, and Mobileye will launch a self-driving taxi service in Israel in 2019

Intel-owned computer vision companies Volkswagen and Mobileye announced on Monday that they plan to launch a commercial self-service passenger service in Israel in 2019.

As part of the deal, Volkswagen will supply Mobileye, an electric vehicle. Will be dealing with self-driving technology, and the second largest automobile importer and distributor in Israel, Champion Motors, will be responsible for vehicle management operations. The vehicle will be equipped with Mobileye AV kit, a turnkey, unmanned solution consisting of hardware, driving policy, safety software and map data. The project will begin with dozens of vehicles in early 2019 and will be expanded to "hundreds of self-driving electric vehicles" in 2022.

"This is not a pilot project," an Intel spokesman said in an email. "This joint venture is the first product aimed at 4/5 commercial MaaS."

MaaS stands for "mobility as a service" for beginners and is aimed at privately owned vehicles and technology-based traffic utopias. Level 4/5 describes the top two levels of automotive automation as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Level 5 is not an unrestricted human driver. (Many experts predict that Level 5 automation will not be possible.)

There were no other details like the city where the new service was first launched. Can be used immediately. However, the Israeli government estimates that it is ready to provide regulatory and infrastructure support as needed.

Clearly, Volkswagen is not a member of a super group of BMW, Intel, Mobileye and Fiat Chrysler, and is involved in the development of semi-automatic and fully autonomous technologies for production vehicles. The company is already testing AV on public roads and wants to develop a "scalable architecture" that other automakers and designers can adopt to connect to other brands of vehicles.

"Because VW and BMW have different ties," an Intel spokesman said. "In the case of VW and Israel's new mobility, we will provide a turnkey AV kit that will form a joint venture and open up to the existing VW car. For BMW, we can customize it for future level 4 level 5 BMW AVs We are working with the company to design the solution. "

Such collaboration is non-exclusive and free for each company to pursue. One of his own projects – a joint venture that is obviously being welcomed with this Israeli ride with Volkswagen.

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