Vizorg Widget New – Configure search bar v2.1.0 [AdFree] APK Free Download

Vizorg Widget New – The Pixel Pill Widget is a widget that mimics the style of the Search widget in the Pixel Launcher, but with a random launcher and various settings. Vizorg Widget New – Search bar v2.1.0 configuration [AdFree] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download full APK of Vizorg Widget – Configure search box v2.1.0 [AdFree].

Overview and features of Vizorg Widget – Configuring search window v2.1.0 [AdFree]

Before downloading Vizorg Widget, please create new – Search window v2. 1.0 [AdFree] You can read the APK, a brief overview and a list of features below.

Abstract: Vizorg Widget New – Pixel Pill Widget is a widget that imitates the style of search widget in Pixel Launcher, but it works on any launcher.

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• Day of week and month are days. It is displayed in the system language of the phone.
• Ability to use voice input + new functions by clicking logo, app can be added
• Clicking on a date will open the standard clock or clock.
• You can run detailed weather information by clicking on the date / weather information
• Many logos in various formats of time and date, easily changeable directly from the program menu
• Widget size can be changed to 1 * 1 Change the size, press and hold the widget on the Launcher screen, then pull the edge of the widget to change the size and disable the top / bottom settings in the Date row in Settings.
• You can now set the color and size of the widget's text string
Installing the widget:
Press and hold the
screen to open the launcher's main screen.
Please select a widget.
List Vizorg Widget Finder.
Press and hold the widget and go to the Home screen.
This command does not work for all executables!
• Added the ability to make the widget search bar a bit wider based on popular demand. You can enable it in Search Settings. bar
Ads and Analytics have been deleted.
This app has no ads.

Vizorg Widget New – Configure search box v2.1.0 [AdFree] APK – Technical Details

Vizorg Widget Before you begin – Before you start Search window v2.1.0 configuration [AdFree] Download APK

Vizorg Widget New – Search Window v2.1.0 configuration [AdFree] APK Free Download

Can I download so excitedly? Then, click the button below to get started. Download Vizorg Widget New – Configure Search Box v2.1.0 [AdFree] APK. This is the single link of Vizorg Widget New – Configure search box v2.1.0 [AdFree].


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