Vivaldi’s new browser is available for Android

The Vivaldi browser for Android is a new alternative to Chrome, and is marketed under the slogan "navigate in its terms". It is developed as a highly customizable browser, designed to provide a different experience to Chrome users in terms of convenience and compatibility with Android. The Vivaldi desktop CPU browser has already become famous for its high customization capability, and now they have moved it to mobile devices.

Vivaldi Grouping Tabs

Vivaldi's reputation earned by his desktop browser was well deserved, since his browser allows the user to customize and virtually change every button, bar and menu that appears in the software. It allows people to create a completely customized, unique and most important version of the web browsing experience. In addition, stacking tabs is also your display achievement, which is an incredibly convenient way to collect related tabs and stack them in a single group for easier future reference.

This type of functionality is strongly aimed at improving the user experience and to accommodate the average needs of Internet users. This version of the Vivaldi mobile browser brings all that to your portable device, with additional flexibility added to your design. Mainly, it will allow the user to choose search engines easily simply by typing their nickname before the desired query in the search bar. Nicknames are made up of a single first letter of famous search engines, such as "W" for Wikipedia, so you can type & # 39; w & # 39; and then your query and you will get Wiki results.

Vivaldi Android

Some features that were praised for the desktop version are also transferred to mobile devices, such as Speed ​​Dial functionality, which provides quick access to sites and bookmarks when a & # 39; New tab & # 39; is opened. Also, and this is perhaps the best part, the bookmark manager allows the user to search for them by typing the description or simply a nickname of the site. With regard to accessibility, the Vivaldi browser allows users to change tabs with a swipe, duplicate them without the need to copy / paste, and also brings an integrated "Notes" tool.

The Vivaldi mobile browser will also allow people to take and organize screenshots of the entire web page, not only the visible part of the screen and, finally, if you already use the Vivaldi desktop browser, you can synchronize it With its mobile version, including all bookmarks, navigation and other data stored in its custom interface, all with secure end-to-end encryption, of course. This new browser brings all this and more, so it will undoubtedly force people to consider changing at least for a test drive, or rather, navigate.

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