Virtual Casino Games Vs Live Dealer Casino

Virtual Casino Game vs. Live Dealer Casino

  Virtual Casino Game vs Live Dealer Casino

You can now access online casinos whenever you turn on your PC. But now there are boundaries between two genre of casino games, virtual games and live dealer games. The latter is one of the most important technological developments in the industry and is seen as an opportunity to digitally disrupt the market-changer and traditional (land-based) casino industry. With streaming and console technology, you get real dealers on your computer screen and there is no noticeable difference from what you can see in real casinos.

However, virtual games like roulette, blackjack and of course slots are still incredibly useful. It is generally popular in online casinos and generally surpasses live parties. This is possible even though the Live Dealer game is based on pure chance (ie, the ball lands on the roulette wheel), whereas a virtual game is built into the software's house edge. In some ways a casino can not be lost as a virtual game, but (theoretically) you can lose it in a live dealer game. The player is not a fool. They know this. So why are virtual games so popular?

Virtual games can pay more.

First of all, it is important to ignore myths. While virtual casino games have a built-in house edge (called RTP), it does not mean that the house edge is greater than at a real casino game. Make the house edge 0.42% considering Playtech's premium black jack with 99.58% RTP. Real blackjack will have different rules, but the house edge in real casinos could be over that virtual number, with some single deck games estimated at 0.58%. In addition, as more decks are used, the odds are higher that many Vegas casinos will use 6-8 decks.

Second, there are still strategies for virtual games. Connect to free blackjack game Please practice. How can I use strategies when playing against computerized systems? Well, it has to do with RTP again. It can change drastically when poor strategies are implemented. Simply put, a virtual game "good" can produce an enhanced payout the same way as a real game. If you keep twisting for 20 seconds, think that the software will suddenly not compensate you for being stupid.

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Profits can give you more flexibility in payouts

Games, especially slots, can award more prizes than real games. In other words, it means that profit is guaranteed as a virtual game. This means that you can award a big prize to the software. In fact, many virtual games are linked through a shared jackpot, supporting a small percentage of each bet. Payments of 8 digits are not uncommon.

Of course, some of these are favorites. Live Dealer games are a social factor in playing online games, but virtual games are usually solitary. If you want to play with a real dealer, you can go to a real casino. Some players do not want their session to be social while deterring escape.

It does not indicate that either type of game is better than the other. They are different and popular for other reasons. However, despite the windfall surrounding the Live Dealer casino, it is a good way to supplement rather than replace a virtual dealer.


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