Vibro. Profile Scheduler v2.1.1 [Patched] APK Free Download

Vibro – A simple profile scheduler for switching ring and connection profiles for a limited time. vibration. Profile Scheduler v2.1.1 [Patched] APK Free Download The latest version for Android. Download the full APK of Vibro. Profile Scheduler v2.1.1 [Patched].

Overview and function of Vibro. Profile Scheduler v2.1.1 [Patched]

Before downloading Vibro. Profile Scheduler v2.1.1 [Patched] APK, you can read a brief overview and feature list below.

Abstract: Vibro – is a simple profile scheduler that switches ring and connection profiles for a limited time.
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• No disturbance mode: Silent / Alarm / Priority mode
• Volume: Media / Alarm / Ring
• Telephone – Free-Download-2-OceanofAPK.com_

• Do not use batteries
• Do not use batteries
• No ads and no internal purchases
Mode "Default" is only available for that time interval This mode is very useful if you do not need to declare a full 24-hour mode as mode

* 1. Do not disturb
Do not disturb "Do not disturb"
* Do not disturb "Mode will be enabled in Android 5.x, via the standard Android menu.
If this feature is to work with the Android version, change it to 6 or more to" Do Not Disturb "mode
* 2. Gradually increase the volume when receiving a call.
To enable the ability to incrementally increase the volume of incoming calls, the application must have Read Phone State permission at startup.
* 3. Do not use the battery.
Application Algorithm: Start -> Switch Mode -> Shutdown. It does not hang in memory, it does not query anything, it sees anything, and it does not compute anything.
• For a clearer view of time in operating mode – see the menu item "Graphs".
• Whether the mode switches to a specific point in time if there are suspicious points – Go to the "History" menu
• If you have a problem, you can contact the developer through the "Help" -> "Feedback" menu.
1. The program must be able to run in the background at the scheduled time, so you must disable the Vibro's sleep mode in the phone settings and grant it all the privileges that start in the background and use (if available) . , It is suitable for Chinese phone Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.). Otherwise, the program will switch the delay mode for a few minutes or not at all.
2. Unlike other sliders, the volume level slider has two positions and two sliders, not one. The slider on the left indicates the minimum volume level of the incoming call. The right slider indicates the maximum volume of the incoming call. When a call is received, the volume level gradually increases from the minimum volume level to the maximum volume level. If you do not need to increase the volume, simply connect both sliders to the desired area.
3. Dear user, this application may not work properly on your device or may not work at all, as device manufacturers frequently change the firmware and standard API Android. Unfortunately, we can not say for sure what devices an application works with and what does not. So if you have a similar problem, do not rush to blame the developer and leave negative feedback.
New features:
– Changed major algorithms in the program
– DND mode changed on Android.
– New three-state button for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
– Modified drawing menu item graph
– Added Italian translation
– Changed backup algorithm Mod Info:
I do not need LP or Google Play Modded.
This app has no ads