Verizon’s new Just Kids plan has 5GB of LTE data and plenty of parental controls

Verizon announced a new mobile data plan called "First Plan for Smartphones for Children." The Just Kids plan includes 5 GB of monthly data and unlimited talk / text for 20 parent-approved contacts. It is also bundled with Verizon's Smart Family Premium product line, with an additional $ 9.99 / month. If your plan has "Safe Mode" set up, your child will be able to continue using your data beyond the 5GB LTE limit without incurring any additional charges or penalties. And the video is limited to 480p – the cheapest unlimited plan for adult Verizon.

The Smart Family Premium tool allows parents to set screen time limits, track their children's location, and place content filters. Verizon says, "To get Just Kids, your account must be at least one or more lines, unlimited or unlimited." Remember that your company has three unlimited plans – three. Match your family account.

Just Kids will get a $ 35 discount on a two-line account starting at $ 55 / month with four family plans. Look at the price grid below. Please note that the rates shown reflect automatic and paperless charges.

verizons new just kids plan has 5gb of lte data and plenty of parental controls

Image: Verizon

Verizon is ambiguous about the age range that the Just Kids plan means. The company told PC World : "When making the first call to a child, the decision is up to the parent and is different for each family. Our role is to identify products and services that meet their needs, Service. "

Once you have decided, do you really benefit from having a regular plan? Is your child long on a smartphone and using parental controls built into Android or iPhone? If Verizon is really attracted to what it offers as a smart family feature, maybe it is. There are FAQs to help you decide if it is worth using the parental controls integrated with Just Kids.

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