Verizon’s 5G network is now hitting gigabit download speeds

What is the difference for a few weeks? Last month I came to Chicago to launch Verizon's 5G network. I am currently living here in Minneapolis. The first 5G device was the Moto Z3 with Motorola's 5G MotoMod, and my experience and many other tech journalists' experiences were positive. The 5G service was very difficult to find. Speed ​​is noticeably faster than LTE, but not evil.

Today, however, Samsung announced the launch of the $ 1,400 Galaxy S10 5G. The Galaxy S10 5G will be monopolized by Verizon for a while before moving to another carrier. And now that Verizon finds out that there is a real and proper 5G phone on the network, the situation has improved. The scope of application is extremely limited. The range is extensive and blocked on a block-by-block basis.

But it is amazing if you find a good place. I just ran speed tests beyond 1Gbps and my mind is blown a bit frankly. My iPhone is in the real world where XS Max strikes only 20 Mbps in the same place.

verizons 5g network is now hitting gigabit download speeds

Verizon billboard advertising Samsung's new Galaxy S10 5G.

On Verizon's 5G network, download speeds are seen as a next-generation leap compared to current LTE performance. Above 700Mbps is very typical and intersecting gigabit markers can occur periodically if carrier is standing on one of the carrier's 5G nodes using millimeter wave technology to achieve high speed.

I am going to Chicago to try things out, but I have gone through some quick tests:

  • Pilot episode of Office 8 seconds in "high" quality from Netflix. It is not a typo.
  • The Marvel Iron Man 2 from the Amazon Prime Video app was pulled to the highest quality in 90 seconds.

1558032042 316 verizons 5g network is now hitting gigabit download speeds

You should consider when viewing download speeds. Is the server and CDN of your preferred streaming service optimized for this level of mobile network performance? It may be home broadband. But we are opening a new era in the potential of the devices in our pockets.

1558032042 422 verizons 5g network is now hitting gigabit download speeds

Let me try to balance the excitement. 5G deployments will take years to reach the same saturation and blanket range as LTE today. Millimeter wave technology alone is not enough. Indoor coverage on Verizon's 5G network is basically nonexistent, which is an important issue. And current uploads are limited to LTE on Verizon's 5G network. Tethering of the Galaxy S10 5G is not yet supported. (At 5G speed) is a nuisance.

If you walk down a block from a 5G node, the speed drops quickly and the 5G signal is basically gone. Time. To be frank, the 5G icon only appears when the phone is actively using the data. All other times will display 4G. This makes it difficult to say exactly when leaving the 5G service area. How convenient to a very young network! And remember that Verizon's 5G network is barely nobody, as impressive as this speed. What happens to the 1Gbps speed test when people actually start buying a significant amount of 5G devices? All of this seems like a fool to me to buy a $ 1,400 phone like the Galaxy S10 5G.

But I'm sick. And with Verizon hitting Chicago, Minneapolis is going to be in the same competition for our competitors. Unfortunately, my time for S10 5G will be somewhat limited. The device is currently available in stores, but Verizon and Samsung are limiting press coverage in just a few hours. I am starting to feel the same as other companies and I hope that the two companies will review it. One of the appropriate 5G. I have never seen this fast, even though it is in a path and passes by.

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