Vehica – Car Dealer & Automotive Directory v1.0.50 nulled

Vehica – Car Dealership and Car Directory v1.0.50 null
Vehica – The most innovative car dealership WordPress theme. You can use it to create a great car website. This theme is very easy to use and very flexible. You don’t need to know any programming to customize the options. Drag and drop to change color, image, size, space and placement of elements. Vehica includes a powerful vehicle inventory module that allows you to edit all vehicle fields and search forms with just a few clicks. The final website completed with Vehica is very fast and works perfectly on mobile devices and tablets. Choosing Vehica is a great investment because you can have a great website to set up and manage without wasting a lot of time or energy. We are Envato elite writers. We are Envato featured writers. Our profile is 4.85+/5 rated by over 200 customers. If we find a problem, we’ll help. If you have any questions [email protected]

Try Vehica for free – see a real demo
Click here to get a free demo! – Get access to a private WordPress demo and test all your admin options on your live website.

Single Click Import – Demo and all pages are automatically imported after 1 click. Save time and start customizing quickly. The demo package does not contain user photos, only a few sample cars have been added.

Preferences panel – in a few minutes your website is completely yours! Choose your primary color in one place, add your phone number, email, upload your logo and it’s instantly added anywhere on your website. With one click, you can delete all demo vehicles and prepare your website for first-time visitors. Could it be easier or faster?

Globally applicable – Translate any text to any language, change currency, and switch between number formats and metrics. No additional software/plug-ins are required for translation and adaptation. Just enter your newly translated text into the panel and click Save. You can also have multiple currencies at the same time.

Powerful Vehicle Inventory – You can change the look of your vehicle inventory by creating your own fields and modifying existing options. There are 6 types of fields: Text, Number, Classification, Price, Gallery, and Included (Video).

Advanced Search Features – Search forms are so important to the automotive business, we’ve invested hundreds of hours testing and improving the Vehica search feature. result? A fast and flexible search engine that can be customized to suit customer needs, allowing customers to search for vehicles based on specific criteria.

Inventory Instant Results – Search results are updated after each selection. In this way, the user immediately knows “how many cars are left”. It provides a much better user experience than the traditional “Search” button. Reloading is very fast and users will love to use it. They will also avoid “zero results” discovery situations by entering too many criteria. That’s why it lowers the bounce rate and all the popular giants get “immediate results without reloading the page” after changing each criterion. It’s very technically advanced, which is why most other themes don’t.

Field Relationships – Should I link the Make field to the Model field? Create unlimited relationships between search fields to automatically filter search options and create a faster and more user-friendly experience.

Related Fields – Visitors can only see fields that are relevant to their search, such as other fields for trucks and motors. Being able to create these kinds of relationships makes the user experience a lot smoother.

Elementor plugin integration – Vehica is based on the Elementor Free plugin and spends thousands of hours adding extra value. Create any website imaginable. You can edit everything: home page, all pages (eg contact/information), single vehicle page, results page, users page. The most flexible and easy-to-use solution on the market. Our developers have created over 30 new elements that you can “drag and drop” to make the page builder very flexible and fully integrated with Vehica. The Elementor Pro (paid) version is not required to run Vehica, but is fully compatible with it if you want to use it.

Flexible menus – Vehica has a great menu with fixed and transparent options. The mobile menu is designed off-canvas.

Global Body & Heading Google Fonts – Select body & heading fonts in the Settings panel. It will automatically appear on every page. More than 800 fonts are available.

Individual Merchant/Business Merchant User Role – Allows you to create a WordPress account that can only add vehicles and does not have access to administrative functions. We recommend that you delegate vehicle additions to someone else.

Blog – Everything you need to start blogging is already integrated into MyHome. Single post pages can be easily customized with drag-and-drop options to change the order of sections, colors, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is an essential part of any WordPress theme, but it goes one step further. Vehica helps Google understand your content through optimized titles, URL structures, and more. Vehica also has full support for the Yoast plugin, giving you an additional boost to your SEO rankings. It’s super-fast and lightweight, so Google scores higher in search results (website speed is one of the key factors for location).

v1.0.50 – February 12, 2021
Changed: New official domain
Changed: New Official Help Center
Improved: Optimizing database queries

D0wnload Vehica – Car Dealership and Car Directory v1.0.50 null

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