VanMoof Electrified X2 e-bike review: a shareable obsession

Electric bicycles are expensive. The simplest pedal bicycles, bikes using unsightly bolted batteries start at about $ 1,000 and go up to $ 3,000 or more when some finesse is applied to the design.

But what if you could use an e-bicycle with the whole family to justify the cost?

Imagine what you would extract from an e-bike used as a commuter every day for a week. Then, on weekends, you can pass it on to a teenager in a soccer game, or an elderly grandparent aspires to ride a bicycle. Park.

To do so requires a bike with a wide range of visual appeal and a frame that can accommodate riders of all sizes. A Dutch bicycle manufacturer VanMoof at $ 2,598, like the Electrified X2, a miniature electric bicycle tested with a third-generation rider.

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    If you share your electric X2 with the first timer, you could see how magical your pedal assisted bicycle is. (19659016) Electric S2 (white) electric X2 (black)

    vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    The electric X2 (white) of electric S2 (white) is the same as the first time I used the VR headset for the first time. ] In Europe, especially in nations such as the Netherlands and Denmark where bicycles have been caught, electric pedal bicycles have been used as domains for many years, Long e-bikes are helping my parents and grandparents stay active longer while at the same time helping them to maintain their independence. You can not price them.

    Commuters are now discovering the benefits of electricity- The best option is an electronic board of $ 1,399, a scooter of $ 1,599, an electronic bike of $ 3,000, or a electric Vespas of $ 7,000 each, with its own advantages and disadvantages and performance and laws governing road use

    Pedal-assisted e-bikes greatly expand the radius of a bike, which is generally regarded as a bike, Work in a place that does not sweat while promoting healthy planets and people. Commuters have been to replace or reduce the need for cars and public transport in order to offset the cost of a bike.

    Thanks to senior buyers and commuters, e-bike sales are booming overall, especially in VanMoof. In April, the company announced that it sold more than 11,000 electric S2 and X2 urban bikes, more than $ 33 million in the most successful pre-order period in its 10-year history. Furthermore, the buyer is replacing the existing vehicle. "Approximately 70% of those who purchased the S2 & X2 currently use electrified products as their primary means of transportation," VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier said in April.

    Unfortunately VanMoof's preorder period ends. The price of the Electrified X2 increases from $ 2,598 / € 2,598 to $ 3,398 / € 3,398 on 1 June. That would be a good bike for a lot of money.

    1558898455 588 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    Available in black or white, the Electrified X2 can accommodate riders up to 155 cm (5 ft) or 200 ft (6 ft) in size. ). Popular in Asia, the compact X-frame design features a 24-inch wheel instead of the larger 28-inch wheel found on most city bikes. The X2 is small, but not as embarrassing as Brompton. Sticky wheels, comical long handles and saddle posts. VanMoof does not fold like a Brompton bike. Costs may arise if you plan to ride X2 on public transport, where folding bikes are often free of charge.

    Non-stationary 504Wh batteries are stored in down tubes and can be removed from all bicycle shops when replacement is required. The 250W motor is mounted on the front hub, which gives the European rider a top speed of 25km / h and the US top speed of 32km / h (22mph). (Fortunately, anyone can select a fast US setting after swiping the warning message.) The motor is not quiet and can not make superhuman speeds fake. Slightly larger than the latest generation of Bosch mid-drive motors, but not as loud as the Mate X. I wish the sound to be quieter.

    The bike is also designed to serve the brain. Both the X2 and the larger S2 mount removable "smart cartridges" on the top tubes, including printed circuit boards, radios, displays, controllers, and more. That way, if VanMoof can not remotely repair the bicycle using the software

    1558898455 209 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    1558898455 718 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    You may have to hold down a very useful boost button near the right grip when you need to push up or slope up from the start line. It is addictive but reduces the scope of use. During the test week, we were able to freely use the boost button and escape about 60 kilometers (37 miles) per charge on a flat, but windy surface with power set to four positions maximum. VanMoof claiming a range of 150km in eco mode, but should be very boring and slow. My test X2 battery was fully charged in about 4 hours. The product will charge 0-50% in 80 minutes.

    The battery is not removable, but the X2 can easily be mounted through a door or into an elevator that can be recharged internally. The X2 surprisingly weighs almost 42 pounds (19 kg). Things to consider when walking to the 5th floor.

    The Electrified X2 features a two-speed automatic transmission. I prefer a 10 speed electric bicycle because it is boring to travel in a flat city like Amsterdam. If I live in San Francisco with many hills, it may feel different. What I dislike is that when the bike is shifted from about 10 mph (17 km / h) to the second gear, the chain is loosened. If you stop the paddle beyond that speed, you can rotate freely about half a turn of the crank before you feel the resistance to the pedal again. It is scary at first and annoying afterwards. However, if you attach it to X2, it is as annoying as a 10-speed transmission.

    Even when the motor was off, VanMoof knew that it could move forward with the power of the legs surprisingly easily. Alone, I knew I knew well when I ran out of batteries.

    VanMoof One of the thriving brand design bikes is the expandable top tube with integrated front and back lighting. Like the company's first bike 10 years ago, it's still impressive on the X2. The front light produces 40 lux (bright color), while the rear light is designed for a wide viewing angle. Lights can be turned on, off, or automatically; the latter can be set and forgotten preferences.

    1558898455 464 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    1558898455 115 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    Like the Electrified S2, the X2 offers full gadget technology. The most important of these is the display, with 166 LEDs seamlessly integrated into the aluminum of the top tube. It's a nice piece that can convince you to buy VanMoof on display alone. It can be difficult to see in direct sunlight, but otherwise it shows the battery level, speed and other useful data of the bike and whether it is locked.

    The X2 has a built-in "stealth lock" that locks the rear wheel and activates the anti-theft system (more on that later). The trick is to match the scale of the back hub with the scale on the opposite side of the chain hub before kicking the pin. The display confirms the activation with a lock and power off animation (sound if anti-social enough to keep it on). Pushing the lock in place is satisfactory, but you can phish it by aligning the object so that the hub assembly does not block the lock pin.

    Of course Amsterdam is not like Tokyo. When I was not using it, I carried a second chain lock (wrapped around the saddle posts) to secure the X2 to the bike rack (tree trunk or lamp post). Yes, I felt that it was comfortable to go out overnight because the X2 was designed to move the thief easily to the target.

    For example, if someone follows the X2 after Stealth Lock is activated, an ominous moving skull will appear on the display, an alarm will sound and the front and rear lights will start blinking. It sounds a bit tricky, but it's a bit like when I accidentally make an alarm on a crowded sidewalk, but the theft is VanMoof's phone card.

    If the movement continues for more than one minute, the alarm will sound continuously. If it is not disarmed within 2 minutes, X2 enters the stolen mode. S.O.S. When it appears on the display, the bicycle will start broadcasting to VanMoof and the motor and all smart features will be disabled. It's time for VanMoof's bike hunters to take part.

    VanMoof's Peace of Mind service can be properly registered if you pay € 100 / $ 100 a year or three years. If your bike is stolen, VanMoof's bike hunter will take two weeks to recover other items that can be exchanged for free. If you live near VanMoof stores in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Taipei or Tokyo, you can rent a bicycle while hunting. I think VanMoof's theft prevention is a great help for the company's expensive e-bike owners to feel good about getting out of the bike in a city where small apartments are the rule and organized bike theft.

    The VanMoof app is provided for users who prefer to lock / unlock their bikes. I do not. Instead, I used this application to set all the preferences and then unlock X2 using the multifunctional button next to the left handle. It's a pretty smart tick: press the button, wait for the beep, then press the chord. For 1-2-1, for example, press once, then twice, then once. Then it takes 5 seconds for the lock to open on the display and the bike to turn the lock pin to release.

    The app also has the option to unlock your bike when you're nearby. I've tested it a few times and it worked fine. But personally, I do not trust Bluetooth for such manipulation. This application shows your bike location and is useful for searching for bicycles with large bicycle parking structures around some European cities.

    When the bicycle is locked, the multifunction button changes to a bell. However, it is not recommended to run it properly. It does not sound like a bell found in most city bikes. It sounds like a series of voices, not warnings, so no one responds. It can be dangerous. If you buy VanMoof, you want to buy a mechanical bell.

    Like urban bicycles, transportation companies are important for business trips to the market. The front carrier of the X2 is as compact as a bicycle. For example, pulling a small shoulder bag or a hard briefcase is great. For example, it is fixed in a location with two bumps that have a ball pushed into the groove in the back of the carrier. Fortunately Vanmoof sells two other shipping options for the X2. A $ 79/69-pound bamboo basket that can hold 22 pounds (10 kg) of product or a whopping 59-dollar 59-rear carrier that is rather expensive but can support 33 pounds (15 kg).

    1558898455 248 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    Riding the X2 is like riding a full-size city bike. I conducted a long distance test with two riders. He was 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) and his wife was 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm). I adjusted the seats using the Allen key provided by VanMoof, but I did not change the height of the handlebars (they could be raised as spacers). She tested at an average of 22 miles (34 km) of commuter street, and tested at a distance of 18.6 miles (30 km). The X2 puts us in a comfortable, mostly erect bike position that needs to be a little more forward than the traditional "oma fiets" design. But after 40 minutes of nonstop ride, I was still comfortable.

    Teenage children (the tallest 6 feet 2 inches / 188 cm) were more fun than the X2. It was an effortless speed and visual design that curved them. My 10-year-old daughter could step on the pedal well, but was not tall enough to stop the bike normally (4 feet 9 inches / 145 cm). (She needs to grow an accordion three more in the X2 specification sheet.) She says the X2 is "cool" and asks if it can "keep it".

    1558898455 535 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    1558898456 69 vanmoof electrified x2 e bike review a shareable obsession

    Also VanMoof 73 years old grandmother with bad knee. She liked it. She has been on an electric bike for the past five years, as is the case with many Europeans over 65. She was probably sold for the X2's appearance. Probably more suitable for the younger generation. She was very surprised at how she felt lightly. I have repeatedly mentioned it and was amazed at how easy it is to roll around in and out of the house when compared to the 5-year-old Victoria Tank electric bike she usually rides on. . She said she still preferred her full-size e-bike. Because it feels "sturdy" and is suitable for two children's seats needed by a grandchild. X2 fits into one. That's right. In the Netherlands, the three bikes are not unusual. There are even fierce gunmen in the handlebars.

    I had a week of exams as a revelation. Electronic bikes must be shared. Why buy a shorter "x-frame" bike that everyone can use When buying a bicycle, can you purchase a "person's bike" with a straight top tube that allows half the family to ride? I grew up as a family car, why did not my family live together? Particularly Used Cars Price Approaches

    The Electrified X2 is an impressive electronic bike for sharing thanks to its ability to accommodate a wide range of rider heights. I thought I would be postponed to a relatively small size, but in a big, dense city, the small size is a real advantage. Whatever it is worth, it does not make me feel like a prison, as I thought.

    The X2 is currently priced at $ 2,598 / 2,598, which in my opinion is especially valuable for families. It can maximize the use of all shared housing situations. Yes, you can purchase an inexpensive pedal auxiliary electronic bike, but it is not a sophisticated engineering, thoughtful design, long list of useful features and a proven service commitment.

    Regrettably, the price on June 1 rises to $ 3,398 / $ 3,398. So if you are going to buy a VanMoof Electrified X2 or its big brother S2, it's now S2.

    Pictures of Thomas Ricker / The Verge

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