Valve’s Index VR headset will ship this June, with preorders starting May 1st

The Valve product page for the valve index headphones was released a little earlier with a release date set for June 15 this year. The Valve page was first discovered in 19459003 by the Twitter user @ Wario64 but still provides us with more information to work with the teaser site last week, including several specifications for the next and mysterious Valve VR. headphones.

Immediately, you will notice that the integrated open-back headphones flank each side, which is an interesting design option that can keep the user aware of their environment while immersed in virtual reality. Integrated hearing aids are nothing new for virtual reality hearing aids, but an open-back design, or at least what appears to be, is definitely not common. I'm curious to see how, if everything changes, the feeling of immersion when using the Index.

The valve also lists entries compatible with the Index, including DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0, as well as the recommended system requirements that require an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card or higher. The Index will also come with regionalized power adapter plugs, two front gaskets (narrow and wide) and a power adapter, of course.

Valve's premature products page also has some links pointing to another page with information about base stations, but the link is dead. Meanwhile, the product description of the Index is filled with placeholder text. Otherwise, there are no details that mention the set of Valve Index camera sensors, which still leaves us in the dark about most of the features of the VR headset.

valves index vr headset will ship this june with preorders starting may 1st

Product page of The Valve Index.
Photo: Valve

When asked about the product page, Valve confirmed its accuracy and added some clarity around the "Knuckles" controllers, which are now called Valve Index Controllers and will be sent with the device in June. "The technical information on that page, while not exhaustive, is accurate," Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi told The Verge . Valve plans to have a full product announcement on May 1, with advance orders starting that day. Lombardi says the shipping date may vary, but the company is targeting sometime in June.

Update 4/1, 5:15 PM ET: Additional information and valve confirmation added.

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