Valve’s hilarious Index dongle somehow makes VirtualLink complicated

The Valve Index virtual reality headset is the first to connect to VirtualLink, the USB-C port you'll find on most graphics cards in the Nvidia RTX 2070 and Nvidia RTX 20 series. But you only win Partially this distinction, since Valve's support for VirtualLink only reaches their willingness to buy a $ 40 dongle.

The promise of VirtualLink is to reduce the amount of cables and connections between the headset and your computer. This backpack can help you sort things out, since it reduces the number of cables and requirements of the Index's ports from three to one, all to a single USB-C input that goes into your GPU.

valves hilarious index dongle somehow makes virtuallink complicated

Valve VirtualLink Valve

But turning VirtualLink into a key is a hilariously upside-down interpretation of what was designed to be an elegant solution, since as part of VirtualLink it is only at the end of the GPU, actually I ended up with a slightly heavier cable that is thick enough to attach to your computer!

I would have preferred much more if Valve had launched a version of the Index that goes directly to VirtualLink (no dongle is needed) so that it could have a single thin USB-C cable as the only thing that ties it to a PC. Or Valve could have started with VirtualLink at the end of the handset and included a dongle to break the more traditional ports. But if Valve is going to insist on a dongle to take advantage of VirtualLink with his $ 1,000 earphone kit, it would be nice if he included one in the box.

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