Valve just surprise revealed its own VR headset called the Valve Index

Unexpectedly, on a Friday night, Valve surprisingly launched a test site with a new virtual reality helmet, called the valve index, which appears to be a device of his own creation and not one in association with his former virtual reality partner. HTC The teaser site discovered by Ars Technica does not offer more information than the supposed date of publication of the Index is May 2019.

Having said that, there are actually a lot of things that we can see in that image, and many can be joined from previous valve leaks. We can see that the valve index has up to four prominent wide-angle cameras, suggesting that, like the Oculus Quest and other second-generation VR headphones, you will have internal tracking to allow players to move around a room without worrying . On the placement of base stations or external tracking cameras.

valve just surprise revealed its own vr headset called the valve

An illuminated version of the teaser site reveals what appear to be sensors.
Photo: Valve / Ars Technica

It has an adjustment slider, probably for IPD (interpupillary distance), so it can accommodate people whose eyes are closer together or more distant than average. It's a fairly common feature, but something about the new Oculus Rift S is lacking significantly. (Oculus says you can configure your IPD in the software configuration of the Rift S.) Beyond those details, we still have to remain in the dark about the specifications, the peripherals or whether it will be an independent headset, like the Quest, or one designed to be connected to a high-end PC, such as the Rift S and the HTC Vive and the Vive Pro.

Regarding previous reports, UploadVR reported last November that Valve was working on his own headphones with a wider field of view of 135 degrees, and we also know that Valve has been working on his own set of so-called "knuckle" motion controllers that he has been testing with the developers for quite some time. But valve firings earlier this month complicated speculation about a new virtual reality device, as the company reportedly radically reduced its virtual reality hardware division, according to a Reddit communicator that a year earlier published photos of a prototype of headphones that could have been an index in progress. .

In any case, it is clear that headphones now exist. We hope to obtain additional information before the May 2019 target, which may be only a revealing event window and is not related at all to the launch. Valve will be entering a crowded market, with Oculus planning to launch its stand-alone Quest and Rift S headphones this spring and HTC has just launched its business product, Focus Plus, and will be preparing to launch its new Vive Cosmos headset this year. or next

When we asked Valve if he could offer any additional advice, or clarify if it was just an April Fools joke, Valve's Doug Lombardi just replied "No April".

May, then.

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