Valve just surprise revealed its own VR headset called the Valve Index

On Friday night, suddenly, unexpectedly, Valve surprised a teaser site featuring a new virtual reality headset called Valve Index. It does not look like a self-made tool in cooperation with the original VR partner. HTC. The teaser site found by Ars Technica does not provide any information beyond the fact that the index is due for release in May 2019.

There are actually a huge amount of images that can be seen. With the previous valve leakage can be sliced. We can see that the valve index has four famous wide angle cameras. Like the Oculus quest and other second-generation VR headsets, we strongly suggest that you provide in-the-box tracking so that the player can move around indoors without worry. Information about base station or external tracking camera placement.

valve just surprise revealed its own vr headset called the valve

The light up version of the teaser site shows what looks like a sensor.
Ars Technica

It has a tuning slider for IPD (inter-plane distance). Accepts people whose eyes are closer or farther than the average. This is a fairly common feature, but the new Oculus Rift S is noticeably scarce. (Oculus says it can set the IPD in the Rift S's software settings.) Apart from these details, it's still in the dark about specs, peripherals, or whether it's a standalone headset like a quest. Or Rift S and HTC Vive and Vive Pro.

UploadVR reported last November that Valve is actually working on a headset with a wider field of view of 135 degrees and Valve has been working with developers for quite some time I am working on a set of so-called "knuckles" motion controllers that have been there. But valve firing complicated the guesswork for a new VR device earlier this month. A Reddit spokesperson has announced that the company has shrunk its VR hardware division, and a year ago, they posted a photo of a prototype headset that could be an ongoing index. .

Regardless of the presence of the headset. We look forward to getting additional information ahead of our goal in May 2019. This is a public event window and is not relevant for launching. Valves will enter the crowded market and this spring will be launching a standalone Quest and Lift S headset this spring and HTC will release Focus Plus, its enterprise product, and this year will be ready to launch a new Vive Cosmos headset There is. Or next.

When asked if they could provide any additional hints to the valve – or simply when it was clear that the so-called 'April Fool' was a joke – the valve's Doug Lombardi said, "April is not." I did.


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