Valve is turning Steam Link into a personal cloud service that streams games anywhere

Valve has announced that it is expanding its function of transmitting Steam Link games in an important way with Steam Link Anywhere, a new service that will allow you to transmit your Steam games from your computer to any part of the world through the Steam Link hardware or The Steam Link application.

It's a big change from the current Steam Link application, which used to allow users to only broadcast games within their own homes. This new expansion makes Steam Link a much more powerful feature, combined with the Android application (unfortunately, the iOS application is still being blocked by Apple). Steam Link Anywhere in theory will allow users to transmit games from their PC to play anywhere they have internet. Service.

According to Valve, Steam Link Anywhere is in its early beta version, but users can already try it by downloading the new Steam Link beta build 688 in your PC for games. The company says the only requirements for Steam Link Anywhere are a good load connection for the host computer and a good network connection for the device you're playing on.

At the moment, only Android, Raspberry Pi and the discontinued Steam Link hardware work with Steam Link anywhere, but it's easy to imagine that Steam could add a similar function for PC to PC transmission like the one it already offers . Steam link home

The timing of the announcement is also significant: Steam is planting a banner for the transmission of games just ahead of GDC 2019, where Google is expected to make the most of its new streaming game service Project Stream in an event in March XIX. It is expected that Google will make a big push for the transmission of games, possibly even announcing its own game hardware for the first time. Steam's announcement seems to be an indication that he is not willing to give up the space without a fight.

Google is not the only competitor that has Steam: Microsoft has just shown a new transmission of games from home from a PC to an Xbox console that looks a lot like the existing Steam Link functionality. And Microsoft's upcoming xCloud gaming service seems set to challenge both Steam and Google in the broader gaming space.

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