Utopia: Origin Hearth Guide – How To Build House

If you are wondering how beautiful houses at the tip of the island are built, today’s utopia: a disc burning guide will help build a house.

Building a house in Utopia: The original game is very easy. 10-20 minutes if you start everything from the beginning. There may already be resources ready to be created, but there is no use. To create a house, you must first create a stove. If you have already joined the stove, please exit. Tap the house icon near the mini map at the top left to see the exit option. Hearth Cornerstone

Hearth Cornerstone is an item needed to build a house. You can make this item with 100 stones and 100 pieces of wood. Tap the Productions button in the top right corner of the game screen (tap the tab in the top right corner). Tap the hand icon on the left-hand Authoring menu screen, then select an item from the top list of sections.

On the Item tab, scroll down to Hearth & Tribe and click on the blue stove corner ->.

 Utopia: Country of Origin Hearth Build House Once placed, tap the corner of the heart in the shortcut bar. -> Cornerstone -> Press the shortcut bar. After that, the game prompts you to create a stove. Name your stove and choose your emblem, then finally design your initial building. When done, tap the Apply & Create button.

Everything is ready now. I made the stove successfully.  Utopia: Origin of the stove

Go back to the playback screen -> Tap the cornerstone again -> Find a good spot to register the stove ground for the stove. . Once deployed, go inside and tap the Build icon on the screen.

Press the Start Building button to enter the Design tab, where you can design the groove. Select an item on the shortcut bar, and then click the configuration area you want to place. You can switch between the item options by tapping the Layout button on the right. Wall, floor, window, etc.

Stove material – Utopia: Country of origin

You can make household item with more resources such as wood, stone. Go to the Authoring menu screen, then touch Hand Options -> Item tab -> Buildings. Walls, doors, roofs, floors, windows and fences, stairs and pillars. Once the item is created, tap the build icon on the screen (go to hearth / home) -> Submit the data. You can see that item in the shortcut bar by tapping the build icon again -> Start building -> shortcut.

So this is a short and simple utopia: an original guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at other utopias:

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