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PowerPoint presentations typically contain a large number of images, videos, GIFs, charts, and other visual content. This makes the file very large and difficult to work with.

Large files take up considerable disk space and outweigh the data that can be sent via e-mail. Even if you save the file to cloud storage, the recipient may experience slower file response when the file is used.

For best performance in PowerPoint files, you need to control document size. There are a number of ways you can prevent additional information and most unnecessary information from blowing up the size of your presentation.

6 Edit image in image editor

PowerPoint gives you the option of editing the image of your presentation within the program, but adds more information . For example, if you change the color of an image to black and white, the file still contains a color image. If you edit many images in PowerPoint, you can add a significant amount of additional data.

Change the image using an external image editor before inserting it into the presentation. There is an image editor that can do this editing online. If you add all of the pictures before you make changes, you can instruct PowerPoint to delete all the additional data created during editing.

1. Click File -> About.

  Reduce size Powerpoint image Edit file information

2. Click "Confirm Problem".

  Resolving size problems Checking Powerpoint image editing problems

3. Select "Check Document".

  Reduced size Powerpoint image editing document inspection


  • Invisible content
  • Hidden text
  •   Reduce size PowerPoint image to edit document inspector window

    5. Click Scan.

    6. At the end of the scan, click "Remove All" to remove any additional information added through image editing.

    Image Compression

    In PowerPoint presentations, images are as small as possible (from data) because they take up a lot of space. To do this, compress all images or only the largest image.

    1. Click the File tab and select "Save As".

      Reduced size Powerpoint compression All image files Save as

    2. In the Files of type drop-down box, click "More options."

      Size reduction Powerpoint compression All image compression

    3. When the Save As window appears, click the word toolbar next to the Save button.

      Size reduction Powerpoint compression All image tools

    4. Select "Compress Picture".

      Size down PowerPoint All image compression drop down menu

    5. In the Picture Compression box, select the resolution you want. (150 ppi is best) If you do not have a chance to recover the cropped part of the image, make sure the "Delete cropped part of the photo" box is checked.

      Reduced size PowerPoint Full Reduced Image option


    To compress only specific images in a presentation 1. Click the image you want to compress.

    2. On the menu ribbon, click on "Picture Tools ->" Format "tab and click" Compress Picture "

      Size Reduction Compress Compressed Image Type

    3. In the window that appears, C When copying and pasting an image into a slideshow, you can see that it is displayed in the slide show. Ctrl + C And Ctrl + V You can also change the format of photos in PowerPoint to PNG or BMP by dragging and dropping them in.

    PowerPoint menus

      Reduce size Insert Powerpoint image menu

    Images remain in original format

    Do not embed fonts

    If the font is not particularly important for presentation topics, consider using standard fonts and disable the option to embed them.

    1. Select the File tab

      Reduce the size of the Powerpoint Embed Font Options

    2. Click the Save tab in the Options box Do not see the box titled "Embed fonts in the file"

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    Video link

    If you do not send a presentation to someone else, you can save a large amount of data by linking rather than embedding the video.

      Reduce size Powerpoint link Video drop-down

    Media compression

    Finally, to minimize the size of your presentation, use the Compress media files menu.

    1. Click "File -> Information".

    2. Click Media Size and Performance.

      Reduce PowerPoint file compression file options

    3. Select your desired quality from the choices. Internet quality is usually enough for most presentations.

      Reduce PowerPoint file size compression

    4. When you select the desired quality, compression begins.

    When you create a PowerPoint presentation to share with others next time, keep the file size small by performing some or all of these steps. It would be easier to run more smoothly and send it electronically.

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