US spy chiefs used classified info to warn tech execs about doing business with China

US intelligence chiefs informed Silicon Valley technology executives about the possible dangers of doing business in China, according to a report by Financial Times .

Information sessions include warnings about the threat of cyberattacks and theft of intellectual property, and have been conducted with groups including technology companies, universities and venture capitalists in California and Washington.

The meetings are the latest example of the increasingly militant stance of the United States government towards China. In a statement to FT Republican Senator Marco Rubio, one of the politicians who organized the briefings, described the reason behind them.

"The Chinese government and the Communist Party represent the greatest long-term threat to the national and economic security of the United States," said Mr. Rubio. "It is important that the companies, universities and commercial organizations of the United States fully understand that threat."

The people who provide information include senior figures in the US intelligence community, such as Dan Coats, director of national intelligence. Reportedly, the meetings also include the exchange of classified information, an unusual level of disclosure.

The [19459003FT reports that the briefings began last October. Since then, the trade war between the United States and China has intensified drastically. The most significant intervention came last week, when the White House announced that US companies will not be able to buy telecommunications equipment from certain foreign companies, including China's Huawei.

The Trump administration says that this ban is necessary to counter the threat of surveillance and espionage with equipment manufactured in China. But the ban is likely to have a big effect on consumers around the world, especially with the news that Google will no longer be able to supply the full version of its Android mobile operating system to Huawei.

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