US cyberattack reportedly hit Iranian targets

Yahoo News reported Thursday that a "retaliatory digital attack on Iranian espionage organizations" was conducted. The Washington Post Both the New York Times and Associated Press were all approved by President Donald Trump. It was the same day that Trump stopped raids on the Iranian target.

The target of the attack is related to the Iranian Revolutionary Garrison or part of the intelligence agency, depending on the report you read. The group is linked to a recent attack on commercial ships in the region, according to Yahoo News . According to status this attack "has damaged the military command and control system of Iran" but has not lost its life. Times reported that Iran is also targeting missile control systems.

The Cyber ​​Command in the United States has launched a cyber attack on the United States Times and it was meaningful in response to tanker attacks and recent US UAVs.

The United States is not the first to engage in cyber attacks on Iranian assets. It is famous for helping to develop the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran's nuclear centrifuge. And in 2016, according to American plans, it is known that a plan called "Nitro Zeus", which is piled on a shelf but could have been used in Iran's infrastructure, was born.

The full range or effectiveness of cyber attacks this week is not yet fully understood, but there may be more conflicts. The Wall Street Journal details the security company 's concerns recently that Iran has already begun to tighten hacking attempts against US targets. Homeland Security has warned that Iranian regime activists and agents have recently increased malicious cyber activities targeting US industry and government agencies.

Iran is not responding to cyber attacks, but tensions are likely to continue to increase. Trump said today (19459011) [월요일] would impose additional sanctions on Iran.

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