US consortium for safe AI development welcomes Baidu as first Chinese member

A US-led technology consortium welcomed Baidu, China's first Internet search company, to protect AI development.

The AI ​​(PAI) partnership was created two years ago to create best practices for AI technology. We have partnerships with government agencies such as the United Nations and Human Rights Watch, as well as funding from member companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. Membership does not require legally binding commitments, but companies joining the PAI must "believe and work" on the eight key tenets.

Terah Lyons, Director of PAI says that according to The Verge the goal can not be achieved without "the insights of the world's leading AI actors", including Chinese companies. "China has a strong aspiration to become a global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030 and is investing heavily." "If China does not sit at the table, it will not have a comprehensive, global dialogue on AI development," Lyons spokesman said.

However, the proper development of artificial intelligence certainly differs from global to Western and Chinese enterprise approaches, particularly with respect to data collection and user privacy China is building an extensive surveillance network that uses critics to say that it is dystopian, using related technologies such as artificial intelligence and face recognition. One of the key doctrines of PAI is that members "protect their privacy and security"

us consortium for safe ai development welcomes baidu as first chinese member

The PAI's attitude toward user privacy
Jonathan McIntosh / Creative Commons

According to Lyons, "the needs and priorities of the country", the approach to AI in other countries Lyons acknowledged that it is important to acknowledge and recognize the fact that PAI can not be achieved. "Lyons, who emphasizes that PAI can not achieve its goals, says," The potential perception of the development and use of artificial intelligence "

PAI has created several working groups on specific topics such as" AI, labor and economy, "" safety critical AI, "and" AI "to achieve the goal. However, no organization has published research yet.

Baidu is the first Chinese in PAI, but it is not the most influential technology company in China to work with AI. The company is an early leader in AI and is pursuing familiar programs such as self-driving vehicles and voice assistant assistants. But in recent years, other technology giants in China, such as Alibaba and Tencent, have invested more money in AI development. At the same time, a new generation of companies such as iFlytek, SenseTime and Bytedance have set themselves up for themselves in sub-domains such as face recognition.

Welcoming the partnership between Baidu and AI can be the beginning of the group's public relations efforts. China, but it can not be the end.

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