United Airlines says it’s now covering those surprise seatback webcams

According to a report by United Airlines BuzzFeed according to privacy concerns, we started to physically deal with the webcam built into the inflight entertainment device. An enterprise-class tablet powered by Panasonic's Avionics business unit to United is basically equipped with a built-in webcam. Panasonic executives insisted that the camera could someday provide enhanced entertainment features such as seat-to-seat video. Phone and even games. United claims that he did not specifically order the screen with his webcam.

"Like many other airlines, some premium seats have an in-flight entertainment system that comes with a manufacturer-installed camera, all of which have been dealt with since then, never activated, The spokesman said BuzzFeed . The report says the airline will continue to cover the webcam every time a premium seat option is installed, and the Panasonic screen is already built into the seatback.

The first time privacy concerns arose when some passengers, such as cyber security researcher Vitaly Kamluk, began to notice webcams on their seats. Initially, Singapore Airlines included a webcam-equipped screen without disclosing whether or not the webcam is working without notifying the passenger. However, Panasonic Avionics, a leading supplier of in-flight entertainment systems, soon discovered that it provided similar webcam-equipped screens for American airlines such as American and United.

Many airlines have responded in an immediate aftermath, arguing that they have never ordered a screen with a webcam. Americans said they did not turn on the webcam and said they do not plan to use the webcam. Lisa Connell, general manager of Delta's onboard products, included a limited number of cameras on Delta's in-flight entertainment screen at that time, which included the manufacturer and included features that we ordered. The camera is not working and I do not plan to install the software I need to use it. "

Delta says it does not rely on third-party vendors, but instead focuses on building its own on-board entertainment system, a new business unit called Delta Flight Products." Delta's products provide better control over the on- " The Verge " We can eliminate elements that we do not want to look like in our product, "

The New York Times reported last month that United is covering its webcam with a physical piece of plastic or sticker, and the company has implemented a strategy to minimize ongoing privacy issues. I decided to build a screen with Panasonic's built-in webcam, There is a time when the passengers are very dissatisfied because there is no supplier. The company could not immediately get the comment.

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