UK telco review could be published without Huawei decision

The government could publish its long-awaited review of the UK communications market without deciding whether Huawei will be able to supply operators with 5G network equipment.

The report was expected to arrive in the spring, but it has not arrived yet. materialized

The leaks suggested that operators will not be banned from using the Huawei kit on the radio layer of their networks, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Huawei United Kingdom 5G

The problem is as much about politics as about politics. on technology and has been complicated by the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May and the election of Conservative Party leaders.

Reuters says the decision on Huawei is reserved for the future prime minister, whether Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. [19659002] For a long time, Huawei has been effectively excluded from the US telecommunications market. UU Due to fears that his team is a risk to national security, allegations that he has continuously denied.

Last month, US companies were ordered to stop doing business with the company, a decision that means that future phones may stop receiving updates to Google's Android operating system or access their popular applications. The actions of the US government UU They also make it significantly difficult for Huawei to obtain components for their devices.

Although Washington is relaxing the restrictions, it is urging allies, including the United Kingdom, to follow suit. This is despite the fact that Huawei is a key supplier of radio equipment to the four major operators in the United Kingdom and that the United States has yet to present any evidence to support its allegations.

Last week, the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology said that operators did. I do not think the Huawei kit was less secure and that any ban would give less influence to networks to demand higher security standards from other providers.

However, the Committee suggested that a ban could be in the best interest of the United Kingdom due to the deterioration of the relationship between London and Washington. USA UU It has previously suggested that it could limit the intelligence exchange if Huawei played a role in launching 5G in the United Kingdom.

through Reuters

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