Uber drivers are freelancers, not employees, federal labor lawyer says

The Uber driver is an independent contractor, not an employee of the crew company, and the General Counsel of the Federal Labor Commission said in an opinion released on May 14th. Another sign that drivers and labor advocates face a steep hill when it is impossible to force Uber to reclassify an operator into an employee.

According to Brigadier General Jayme Sophir of the National Labor Relations Board on April 16, drivers are much more difficult to establish unions, report labor complaints or protect the federal government. Will suffer. Status:

The driver provided substantial business opportunities by virtually controlling cars, work schedules and login locations, and allowing them to work freely with Uber's competitors. UberX drivers can decide the best way to achieve their economic goals by making riding requests through the apps at their leisure, working for a competitor's passenger car service, or pursuing other ventures.

It is a recent sign that the federal government has agreed to classify Uber drivers. The Ministry of Labor recently announced that mobile workers such as Uber drivers are contractors who are not eligible for minimum wage and overtime. The federal judge ruled in the same manner as last year for what is called the first classification of Uber drivers under federal law.

This comment is consistent with the position of his driver. The company classifies itself as an independent contractor by claiming that it is doing business and is therefore not entitled to traditional benefits such as overtime, minimum wage protection and health insurance. Some Uber drivers object to the classification and argue that the Uber's algorithm will not look too far to exercise too much control over their lives. Many have filed suit against Uber, but most have been referred to private arbitration.

"We value our value and focus on improving the quality and security of our independent work while maintaining flexible driver and courier services," Uber spokesman Uber said in a statement in the US that 60,000 The majority of drivers said.

Uber said the settlement amount would be $ 164 million to $ 175 million, according to his IPO filing. In March, the company said it had solved two other lawsuits with drivers in the classified position for $ 20 million.

Earlier this year, a California judge, a federal judge of GrubHub, is an independent contractor, not an employee. The decision seemed GrubHub's big win because of California's relatively high standards of establishing workers as independent contractors.

Last week hundreds of UVE drivers went on strike ahead of many company IPOs. The driver wants Uber to have better working conditions and transparency through access to wages and platforms. Uber's share price has fallen sharply since the IPO due to the company's lack of profitability and concerns about a wider market crisis.

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