Two hackers charged with Minecraft-linked bomb threats that led to school evacuations

Two suspected hackers in southern California have been arrested and charged with a number of crimes, with the arrest of a wide range of crimes, including the evacuation of hundreds of schools in the United Kingdom and the United States by bogus bomb threats.

Timothy Dalton Vaughn and George Duke-Cohan, known as "wantedbyfeds" and "DigitalCrimes" for hacker crime, conspiracy and "highway threats involving explosives" on February 8, Was sent to another school. According to the court document, Baughn and Duke-Cohan, acting in a hacker organization known as Apophis Squad, have coordinated threats of bombs and school shootings that could cause fears of imminent danger, Hundreds of schools could be closed "

A report on Bone and Duke-Kohan's behavior first appeared in March 2018. E-mail was sent to school and evacuated, but It was a lie dating back to the United States

"The detective appears to be from an American in the email and can be confirmed that there is no threat possible."

Sky News is a popular Minecraft E-mail was "spoofed" in an attempt to suspend the domain for server VeltPvP The prosecutor alleges that Apophis Squad used emails like Zonix, a client frequently used in Minecraft, and threats from the London market, with VeltPvP. Baughan and Duke- Cohen used the Disord server and IRC room with other members of the Apophis Squad to coordinate e-mail for several schools in accordance with court documents.

Threats refer to numerous references to court documents Apophis Squad has asked to send hacker squad cash to people who do not want to spend the day on Twitter, and sent a fake email in response: April 28, 2018 Duke- According to the Apophis Squad Twitter directive, Cohen opened Twitter as "planning to go to as many schools as possible."

I wanted to have a math test or one you have! Duke-Cohen will e-mail any school according to the document. "We are working hard to make 100,000 emails."

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