Two great sleep-tracker apps for Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch series 5, with watchOS 6, can track almost any type of activity. But one thing that doesn't track is your dream. Or at least, it does not offer sleep tracking natively. That remains for third-party application manufacturers. Today we will see two great applications to do just that. One is ultra simple and the other is super deep. Let's take a look.

Is it worth following the dream? If you don't get enough sleep, then yes, it probably is. Just like step counting applications hack your brain to want to walk more, sleep tracking applications can help you sleep more and better.

The disadvantage is that you cannot charge your Apple Watch overnight if you are using it. On the other hand, it is likely that you have between 60 and 90 free minutes during the day, and increasing the clock by more than 90% is not only good enough, but it may even be better for your battery than 100%.

Also, if you wear a Series 5 watch, you may want to use Theater Mode to turn off the screen always on while you sleep.

The simple approach

Sleep ++ comes from David Smith, the developer of Pedometer ++, and the new Moon ++ for Apple Watch. It is more or less set and forget. Install the application on your iPhone and Watch, alternate some switches and go. Like all health-related applications, you must grant permission to access your health data. In this case, you need access to sleep, heart rate, active energy and steps. I have used David Smith's applications for a while, and I am happy with the privacy angle here.

  It doesn't look very good, but it does the job.
It doesn't look very good, but it does the job.
Photo: Sleep ++

Sleep ++ then gos to work. If you have it set to automatically monitor your sleep, you will do so, using the data collected by your watch to determine when you were sleeping, how long and how quiet you were. There is an option to display a morning notification with a sleep summary, and you can also have the application saved in the Health application.

If you prefer, you can use the clock application to tell Sleep ++ when you go to bed, but I have found that the automatic tracker works well.

As for the information, the application summary is useful, but brief. IT also saves everything for health, for a deeper interpretation. But if you want a lot of statistics, try AutoSleep.

Sleep ++

Price : Free

Download : Sleep ++ from the App Store (iOS) [19659016] Information overload

AutoSleep works similarly to Sleep ++. You can automatically track your sleep, and it can give you a "dull lights" time so you can determine how long it took to fall asleep. But the similarities end there.

  The AutoSleep application is beautiful.
The AutoSleep application is beautiful.
Photo: AutoSleep

If you want data, then AutoSleep has it. So much, in fact, that when you're done watching it, it's time to go to bed again.

AutoSleep uses "sleep rings" to display sleep data, and they work just like the activity rings native to the Apple Watch: you just fill them up in bed instead of exercising. But that is far from the end of AutoSleep data analysis. You can see a bar chart that graphs the depth of your sleep over time, see a sleep score, check your bedtime, see your "readiness" rating and see all these data over time.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-655398" title = "Image 27 09 2019 09 26" src = " /Image-27-09-2019-09-26.jpeg "alt =" Lots and lots of information. [19659024] Lots of information
Photo: AutoSleep

To be honest, it's a bit Too much for me, I'm interested in a) testing the watch's sleep tracking skills to be able to write about them and b) see how I sleep, at least for a week or so, for me, AutoSleep Tracker is a data overload. You may be perfect, and it has another advantage over Sleep ++: AutoSleep looks much better.

AutoSleep Tracker for Watch

Price : $ 2.99

Download : AutoSleep Tracker for Watch from the App Store (iOS)

Both applications will tell you how long you sleep well, what they won't do is tell you if you're getting enough on o The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person. You can tell applications that you only need 7 hours of sleep per night, but is that really the case?

However, if nothing else, tracking your sleep can make you pay more attention to a very important "activity". And if this makes you take the dream more seriously, then that's good.

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