Twitter’s final monthly user count shows a company still struggling to grow

Twitter made a small profit in the last quarter, adding users for the first time in a year. The addition makes Twitter grow to 330 million monthly users, from 321 million last quarter, the company said in a statement of earnings this morning. But that figure is still below its peak of 336 million this same quarter last year.

These losses are the reason why Twitter decided the last quarter that would stop revealing its monthly user account, so the publication of results today is the last time that

Instead, Twitter would prefer that we see a new metric: daily users. This figure seems to be growing more consistently and substantially. Now it is 134 million, more than 120 million a year ago and 126 million last quarter.

That's a better trend for Twitter, but the number is comparatively small. Facebook had 1.5 billion daily users at the end of last year, having added 28 million in the fourth quarter alone. Snapchat had 186 million daily users by the end of 2018. Instagram has 500 million people who only watch stories every day.

Twitter previously said that its daily user account is not comparable to other social networks because it only counts monetizable daily users, and not daily users who do not see ads. However, it is not clear what other social networks are really inflating their numbers with users who can not show ads. In general, social networks control the platforms on which their daily users are located (unlike Twitter, which has many people who use third-party applications). ), so it is expected that most of the daily users can be monetized.

A couple of factors may have helped Twitter to return to the monthly growth of users this quarter. On the one hand, Twitter claimed to have spent much of last year eliminating spam accounts and other bad players and losing millions of accounts that previously believed were legitimate monthly users in the process. It is possible that most of that work has already ended, as there is no warning in the Twitter earnings release. Twitter also tends to see more substantial growth during the first quarter of each year, so the most important test will be whether this recent growth can be maintained in the coming months. Unfortunately, we will not get a direct response to the next quarter due to the Twitter plan to start hiding this statistic.

Twitter also uses today's earnings report to highlight, in vague terms, the work it is doing to combat abuse on its platform. The company says it is now eliminating 2.5 times more tweets that share personal information and that machine learning detects 38 percent before anyone can report them. "The health of public conversation on Twitter remains our highest priority, so people feel safe to be part of the conversation and can find reliable information in our service," the company writes.

Harassment has been a major problem for a long time On Twitter, that drove people from the platform, and Twitter efforts here could help the network grow in the long term. But the figures he shares today are all relative, not concrete figures, and do not talk about how much Twitter is doing, and still is not doing, about a lot of the abuse that takes place on its platform.

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