Twitter tests new features, including presence indicators and “ice breakers”

Twitter includes a presence indicator, which is a status indicator to help you explain what you are doing while tweeting, and an "Ice Breaker" We are testing new features designed to improve conversations. debate. We discussed some features in public tweets this year. But at a meeting with Twitter executives, including the Design Director, the company showed a new design that was considering services.

Twitter facilitates more positive discussions and stops services due to hate and abuse. These prototypes do not directly address harassment. Other departments on Twitter are working to solve the problem. These designs are related to other issues. Help friendly people and create Twitter.

Twitter has emphasized that the prototype I showed is not the final design. The changes it discussed. (We also previewed it on the Fast Company event in New York on Wednesday.) However, some of the new features, including new views for conversations that look like group text, have already been tested among Twitter employees.

Sara Haider, Managing Director of Product Management, introduced the idea of ​​a redesigned conversation on Twitter on August 31.

The redesigned dialog highlights replies of the original color in different colors. The replies of people I follow in the design on Wednesday are highlighted in a different color. Twitter's intent is to make the conversation feel better by making it look like a discussion among friends and invite them to participate in a familiar way.

Another way Twitter encourages new conversations is to add a reply field to every single tweet. As you scroll through the feed, you'll see a new field with the word & # 39; reply & # 39; next to the heart, and a retweet button will appear. One reason Twitter is exploring this idea is that many new users do not yet understand that they can tap the conversation bubble on every tweet to reply to tweets. (This response field is too heavy, because I personally answer only some of the tweets in the feed.)

twitter tests new features including presence indicators and ice breakers

Another feature that Twitter searches is a presence indicator, similar to what you can see on Facebook Messenger. In the prototype I've seen, you can send a signal when you're on Twitter. The company is considering some people to change their display name to indicate they are currently on Twitter and looking for a conversation and put it in the product. The idea is that at the same time, people on Twitter start talking more.

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Another feature we're considering on Twitter is fixed tweets that are designed to facilitate conversations. The company showed me a design that could pin "breakers" at the top of your profile to tell people that you want to talk about something specific. The company's design director, Mike Kruzeniski, explained that Twitter users can draw their followers' enthusiasm for their favorite discussions, whether it's a new project, current events, or anything else that interests them.

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The last design on Twitter is another twist on the status indicator that focused on incorporating the current status on Twitter. I smiled when the company showed me this. Updating your status was of course the original idea behind Twitter. Today, however, people often discuss specific events rather than looking for ways to easily communicate what they say. Hashtags are helpful, but they often use abbreviations and are not always clear to non-participants.

That's why Twitter has been replaced with a status indicator. In other words, the status is displayed so that you can chirp when you like the status and chirp.

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The nice thing about this feature is that you can add it once to your profile and use it multiple times without having to add the necessary hashtags each time. I like this idea. I think you can add a context to help you on Twitter discussion. Light and fun. My suggestion for Twitter is that if they choose, people can mute the status. For example, if you do not want anyone to hear from you at the Consumer Electronics Show, you can mute that status, and Twitter can hide everyone's tweets.

It is very rare for a software company to create a preview in this way. Haider wants very sincere user-based feedback to help companies shape their design process.

"Putting the product in silos and throwing it away to people would not work," she said. "Some people will like it, some people will hate it, I want to understand people's opinions and adjust and repeat the product."

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