Twitter says that it ‘made a mistake’ for not removing threatening tweets from Florida bomb suspect

Cesar Sayoc, Jr., 56, arrested on suspicion of mailing 13 explosives to President Donald Trump's renowned critics, created a notable twitter account. He says he is suspected of raising an obscured threat to Presidential critics. Twitter apologized for not acting on tweets that clearly violated the rules of conduct.

An account wandered on Friday Rochelle Ritchie tweeted the threat tweet from @ hardrock2016 on several screenshots . She also posted a screenshot of Twitter's response to the report: "We have carefully reviewed your report and found that violating Twitter rules is not an act of abuse."

Sayoc is suspected of harassing millions of others using this account. Vice President Joe Biden, Former New York Attorney (19459018) New York Times Journalist and former Verge Author Sarah Jeong is often under similar threats.

In a series of tweets, @TwitterSafety apologized for not deleting the tweet sent to Rich by saying, "Twitter must be removed because it clearly violated our rule." Twitter will improve it so that it is under investigation and "will continue to work" so that we can address the concerns raised by some people on Twitter. "

We asked Twitter to investigate the safety issue and what steps are being taken to improve it.

After Sayoc was arrested, twitter reported @ hardrock2016 While pausing, the damage has been out of date too long. Familiar story of Twitter : The fact that someone has violated the terms of the site When it became clear I apologize for the fact

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