Twitter says it’s building a feature that lets you hide replies to your tweets

Twitter announced today that it is building a new feature that allows users to hide their replies to tweets. This feature, first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a specialist in the software, will revolutionize how users control the conversations created on the platform. Users can not permanently hide their replies, but replies are more difficult to see if original initiators are trying to prevent bad or other nasty discussions around Twitter.

"Those who start a fun conversation on Twitter are really important to us, and we want them to have a conversation that starts as healthy as possible by giving them control," said Michelle Yasmeen Haq, "People who want to keep a conversation healthy by using block, mute, and report are already there, but these tools do not always solve the problem. Changes and reports will only work for content that violates our policies. "

In essence, this feature is the" Share "icon on Twitter and" Hide "answers down. From there, other users can automatically click to view the replies of your tweets. Also, if you see all the tweets you've hidden in the past and want to reopen them later, it looks like you have the option to manually unhide them.

By giving users the option to hide their responses, Yasmeen Haq says that Twitter "is able to balance the product experience between the original Tweeter and its prospects." In addition, You can use features to hide content that you disagree with. "In other words, by hiding replies, you can disable comments on YouTube, or send a signal to your audience that conversations are not poisoned or culled in a similar way: Reddit and other forum actions.

Of course, You can prove a double-edged tweeter. While there are many times when conversations under controversial tweets begin to include violence, harassment, and other personal attacks, the reply to tweets is an important way to take responsibility for powerful people like politicians "Twitter Percentage" is one way Twitter's masses can execute criticism and complaints, just as Twitter came to describe what it likes and what time it gets to get more answers than Retwitt. [19659006] In general, a government official or Twitter user who is making a huge statement is willing to use an answer It is commonly used for people who commit some online fake, but in some cases, as part of a widespread effort to mislead someone's experience on Twitter, it may be the result of a bullying campaign that targets harmless tweets with inequitable criticism.

Whether used by Twitter and harassers online progressive or through product design, We've released a number of new features and tools to customize your personal Twitter experience. You can mute certain words and customize your notification feed so people can follow you and prevent your blocked accounts from appearing in search results. [19659009] In recent years Twitter has become a sensitive As the Trump supporters yesterday proud of using the fake account to shake the public opinion in the US election in 2020, the company decided to use the fake account, Banned the famous conspirator Jacob Wohl. Of course, these actions accused Twitter leaders of being defeated by conservatives.

It is not clear how the most enthusiastic user on Twitter should receive this feature. It's easy to see the same world as hiding comments on YouTube by hiding Twitter replies. While useful for eliminating harassment from the YouTube community, the YouTube community is considered defensive and embarrassing. Please withdraw criticism and avoid responsibility. It is anxiety to think of officials and others as power in a positive way of expressing opinions or statements about Twitter. In fact the big ruling of the public is a case where you can blame the speech in a hidden place.

In short, Twitter has a limited set of tools that can prevent people from doing horrible things online. By hiding replies, the company hopes to deliver precious tools to users, careful and careful management, to make Twitter a more nutritious and interesting place, and to create an environment that does not offend or abuse. However, as with most aspects of Twitter, the use of this feature ultimately reflects a user's attitude, regardless of whether it will ultimately bring about positive change in conversation on the platform or will have negative consequences.

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