Twitter removes thousands of bot accounts discouraging Democrats from voting in the midterms

On Tuesday Reuters reports that Twitter is struggling to manipulate thousands of fake accounts in front of the US mid-term elections next Tuesday and seemingly to coordinate activities that affect voter turnout I am suffering. The report said Twitter has removed about 10,000 such accounts aimed at Democratic voters and disguised as party members and officials and continues to monitor the platform for similar activities.

Twitter notified The Verge that this account was removed in September and October, but the 10,000-account was not verified. Twitter brought the Twitter interest of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DNCC) for the first time. Reuters DNCC has strengthened efforts to detect and block such behavior on social platforms as a result of Russia's widespread influence in helping President Donald Trump and hurting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"In this year's election, we have established an open and straightforward escalation pathway for the electoral authorities, the Department of Homeland Security and all major political parties," said a Twitter official. "We have removed a set of accounts involved in an attempt to share false information with automated policies, which violates our policy."

Twitter is also a social networking platform, We have expanded our efforts to prevent false information and electoral interference. Earlier this week, Twitter added functionality to the reporting process so that certain users could perform certain functions when they thought a particular tweet was sent by a bot account. The company has also suspended more than 70 million accounts in May and June in July and has removed up to 1 million additional accounts that violate rules on misinformation, propaganda and other coordinated activities. Can be used as an interference tool.

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